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Supernatural Abilities that make Beowulf a Hero

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Jacquelyn Fitzpatrick

on 1 September 2013

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Transcript of Supernatural Abilities that make Beowulf a Hero

Eight Elements of Beowulf
Supernatural Abilities that make Beowulf a Hero
In the beginning of the story, Beowulf hears of Hrothgars troubles with Grendel and leaves Geatland to help the king(IV lines 16-37). He arrives and assures the king he has the strength of thirty men(VII line 9). When Grendel comes and attacks the palace, Beowulf rips the monsters arm off proving how powerful he really is(XII line 35). Also, when Beowulf seeks Grendel's mother, he does not let monster invested water defeat him. He eventually kills the beast(XXII line 42)
The Quest
Beowulf is granted permission to leave Geatland and help the Danes defeat the monster(IV lines 16-37). The Danish guards stop the Geats when they reach the land and demand to know their purpose of being there. Beowulf informs the guards that he has traveled there to help them defeat the monster and the guard immediately take him and his men to King Hrothgar(V lines 33-34)
Unferth tries to make Beowulf look a fool by telling Hrothgar that he fought against Breca and did not defeat him(IX lines 1-32). He tried to make Beowulf look weak to the Danes but did not succeed because of Beowulf's retaliation. In lines 43-45, Beowulf states that Breca
not defeat him and Beowulf
not defeat Breca. After the argument, cheers came to the room and that was the end of the dispute.
A hero put to the test.
A Helping Hand and Friend
When it came down to who was by Beowulf side until the end, Wiglaf is the only person that stuck by him. Beowulf last words were spoken to Wiglaf(XXXVIII lines 50-55). Even though Beowulf's people did not protect him, he still said he needed to look after Geatland in his barrow.
Almost Giving Up
When Beowulf goes after Grendel's mother, his trip comes to a stop when they reach the water which is swarming with monsters(XXII line 42). Back at the palace, the people were watching from afar and seeing the blood made them think that Beowulf was no longer alive(XXIV line 41). They later found out that all of the monsters at been persecuted.
A Resurrection
When Beowulf fights his last battle against the fire spitting dragon, his last request was to build "Beowulf's Barrow" wear his body is burned. He requested a barrow so he could watch over his people in Geatland(XXXVIII lines 50-55). Wiglaf orders the men who did not stand behind Beowulf in battle to build his his barrow of the burning of his lifeless body(XLII lines 50-60).
The Hero's Travels to a Supernatural World
Beowulf starts off on his way(XXII line 19) to persecute Grendel's mother and when he reaches the water, it seems like no human could survive swimming in the water or going around it. It may not stop Beowulf but it sure would have stopped many other travelers.
The hero, Beowulf, would stop at nothing to protect his people of Geatland and that is what he did. He felt Heaven was punishing him for criminal acts but in actuality, Heaven gave his people a gift of a lifetime(XXXVIII lines 41-45). His body is burned and the warriors were weeping as the fire roared. In honor of the hero, the warriors payed their respects(XLI line 63). Wiglaf tells the warriors Beowulfs dying request of building a barrow and they did what they were told(XLIII 21-32).
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