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Three most invasive plant spesies

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Kaiden Pollesch

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of Three most invasive plant spesies

Top six Most Invasive Plant Species in the U.S.
By:Kaiden Pollesch
The Purple Loosestrife
The Purple Loosestrife was originated from Europe and parts of Asia. The Loosestrife has taken over this pond.
The Purple Loosestrife
The purple loosestrife is known to be one of the most invasive plants in the U.S. The purple loosestife was brought to America in the 1800's. It is also used for medicine uses. It is growing fast and it can be dominate plant species in the wetlands. 2 million seeds are dispersed a year. The stem on the plant can grow at about a rate of 1 foot a year.
Japanese Honeysuckle
The Japanese Honeysuckle is a fast growing plant. It was brought to New York in 1806 for use of erosion control. throughout the east coast the Honeysuckle adapts to the wide ranges of conditions. Honeysuckle spreads when beards eat the fruit and drops the seeds
Japanese Honeysuckle
The Japanese Honeysuckle was originally from Eastern Asia.
Japanese barberry
Japanese barberry
The Japanese barberry arrived in the United States in 1800's as a decorative plant. It is unique because it can grow in the dark. The plant is spread by birds eating the berries.
The Japanese barberry is from Japan. Seeds were sent to the United States from Russia to an arboretum.
Norway Maple
Norway maple
The Norway maple was originated from Europe. The Norway maple was introduced to America in the 1756.
The Norway maple adapted quickly to the climate. It was popular because it was used for shade in towns.
English ivy
The English ivy was originated from Europe. The English ivy came to America in the early 1700's.
English ivy
The English ivy is used for camouflage during the war. They continue to plant and sell English ivy even though it is one of the most invasive plants
English ivy
The English ivy can slowly kill trees and other plants. It will kill them by growing over the plant and it will take the sunlight. It will reproduce by birds eating the seeds and dropping them
China-Japan introduced Kudzu to America in 1876. Kudzu
Kudzu was first known as a decorative plant. One million acres of Kudzu was planted. In the 50's it was recognized as an invasive plant. It also can grow about a foot a day. Takes over areas by killing trees and plants.
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