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Personal Selling, Point-of-Sales & Supportive Communications

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nur aziemah mohd azman

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Personal Selling, Point-of-Sales & Supportive Communications

Personal Selling, Point-of-Sales & Supportive Communications
In- store Sales
The greater the retail price and margin and the greater the salience, the more experienced sales staff are required to be.
30% of consumer purchases are planned
Personal Selling
Advantages of IMC
Cost and performance efficiencies
Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)
The process of using promotional tools in a unified way to create synergy (Semenik 2002)
COM420 : Marketing Communication
Personal selling is selling technique involved
between person to person
and between the
prospective buyer and seller.
human contact
and direct communication rather than impersonal mass communication.
Its fundamental aim is to inform, persuade or remind and individual/ group to act in the way desired by the initiator of the contact.

When instant response and complex explanation are needed
Helps to maintain and build relationship with customers
Reach and frequency
Not all in-store sales are undertaken by employees of the company.
Field Marketing
Multi-level Marketing
field marketing
A syndicated/ shared team who
work and carry out a number of selling and other tasks
on behalf of one or more suppliers.
Sales calls
Sampling and in-store promotions
Merchandising and in-store displays
Market research
Event marketing
Multi-level marketing
Also known as network selling and pyramid selling.
Selling directly to the public, through a network of self-employed salespeople.
Recruit distributors who in turn recruit more distributors and so on.
70% decisions are made in stores
53% purchases are made on impulse
POS materials play the part of 'silent salesperson' communicating the features, benefits and subtleties associated with the decision to buy.
Design to inform, remind and encourage customers toward the product.
Act as in-store reminder cues.
Placement of product
Store design
In-Store displays
The most basic marketing communication tool.
Serves to protect, contain and offer convenience to the purchaser.
Gain attention
Signify value for money
Help persuade
Reflect brand personality
Motivate brand choice
Integrated Marketing Communications
Everything that the organization and its people and brands communicate in their interaction with targets and public, either deliberately or not (Copley 2004)
Drivers to IMC
Media & Communication-based
Modern marketplace is highly competitive with low levels of brand differentiation.
Organization must work hard to get their message noticed and appreciated by the audience.
The rise of technology as the catalyst for greater targeting of consumers.
However, technology devalues the power of individual communications.
Brand development and the need to establish competitive advantage.
Organizations are looking to increase profits through improved efficiency while utilizing managerial time more effectively.
The rate of technological advance have forced organizations to reconsider their marketing communications options and approaches.
To decide whether IMC is right for all types of company.
Result in more effective communication
Reduce dependence on mass media advertising
Encourages investigation on targeted mediums
Reduce ambiguity of messages
Has more chance of success
Disadvantages of IMC

Encourages centralization
Has the potential to dilute creative opportunities
Irritation to repeated message lead to wearout
Ethical issues of intrusive campaign
Ethical Marketing & The Regulatory Environment
Ethical Marketing
A set of moral principals concerned with social well-being as related to marketing practice.
Ethical decision making is sometimes blinded by the need to attract attention to the brand or by choosing the line of 'good taste' in search of a humorous campaign
Advertising has been accused of ethical breaches :
Promotes materialism
Wastes resources
Creates unwanted needs
Perpetuates stereotyping
Causes people to use harmful products
Promotes unethical brands
Inhibits media coverage
Targets vulnerable groups
Delivers subliminal message
Oscar Pistorius was charged of murder
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