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Anorexic- By: Eavan Boland

No description

Cassandra Parks

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Anorexic- By: Eavan Boland

Anorexic- Poem Analysis
Poetry Devices
Anorexic By: Eavan Boland
Overall Meaning
Metaphors- "Flesh is heretic."
"My body is a witch."

Simile- "This as a rib"

Imagery- "I am starved and curveless. I am skin and bones", "I will grow angular and holy", "heaving to hips and breasts and lips and heat and sweat and fat and greed."

Alliteration- "past pain"
"My body is a witch. I am burning it." "Now the bitch is burning." "She has learned her lesson."

Whenever the author says "she" or "her" I believe
that they are referring to this so called "witch". The
"witch" is in a way controlling this women with their
"wiles". As the poem goes on, the author puts different
synonyms for burning such as scorch. I believe that this is
suggesting the burning of witches during the 1500 and 1700.
In the story of Adam and Eve, Eve was created by God
taking one of Adams ribs and creating her from it.
"Thin as a rib" "I will slip back into him again" "Keeping his heart such company" She is going to go back to Adam again.

There is a snake in the story, that convinced Eve to
eat a fruit off of a tree in the garden that she wasn't suppose to. The snake is acting as the devil supposedly in this story. In the poem, there is the line, "into python needs" , This is referring to the devil or snake tempting her to eat again.

Eavan Boland was an Irish woman poet who was particularly interested in integrating her own life experiences in poetry, thought it was a little controversial. In Ireland the word women was opposite to the word poem, because it evoke a series of images of communality which were thought to be contrary to the individualism viewed thru the word poem. As a female, Boland wanted to show thru her writings her own experiences which happened to be a woman’s life experiences. These leads Boland reject certain male-centered assumptions that had dominated Irish literary culture for a long term.
The overall meaning or message of this poem is that
women are supposed to have perfectly, flawless bodies in the eye of society, but their looks are not things that they can control. This makes women feel worthless or have low self-esteem if they can't make themselves this perfect person who doesn't even exist in reality.
Martínez Castro,Carmen Hadassah;
" Anorexic by Eavan Boland. " ; Modern Poetry; Prof. Leonardo Flores; May 17, 2010, 1:10 PM ;Web;Febuary 26,2015
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