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sociology.. what is it like to be old?


Christopher Beale

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of sociology.. what is it like to be old?

What is it like to be old?
Most of us will find out someday
So it is important to get a new perspective......
....and experience in a small way the challenges that older people face
2. You are going to place an earplug into each ear. This will simulate hearing loss in the elderly.
Finally, write a reaction to your experience on your half sheet.
1. The safety glasses we are using are coated with vaseline. This will simulate the vision of older adults who have cataracts or vision problems.
Safety glasses
Clothing that needs to be
Table settings that need to be placed properly
You will rotate to each of the stations, and fold clothing, set the 'table,' and make a grocery list / clean up.
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