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No description

Ana Hugzalot

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Illustrator

A certificate, diploma, or a degree in art would be highly recommended. Suggested programs are illustration, fine arts, and graphic design. These programs can be taken in either college or university.
Specialized Skills
Drawing Ability
Reading Skills
Analytical Skills
Self Motivated/Disciplined
An illustrator draws in various types of media to create vivid art pieces for magazines, books, advertisements, cards, and other publications/ projects.

What is an Illustrator and what do they do?
Artists draw pictures to accompany texts in different forms of publications.
They also draw technical diagrams of machinery and equipment.
Illustrators sometimes have to draw models wearing new products and fashion designs.
They also draw detailed diagrams in text books to help aid people in understanding certain concepts.
Suggested Grade 9
Visual Arts
Physical Education
Suggested Grade 12 Subjects/Courses
Communications/Media Studies
History/World issues
Visual Arts
Drafting & Design
Suggested Grade 10 Subjects/Courses
Visual Arts
Suggested Grade 11 Subjects/Courses
Social Studies
Visual Arts
Drafting & Design
Drawing Abilities
Having the ability to draw in a professional manner. You must be able to draw in many different styles and genres. Specializing in a style can help make people/companies become interested in your work and make you a well known artist in that particular field. The way you draw can decide your future path in the illustrating career choice.
Being Creative allows you to draw in a way that expresses yourself or your employers desires as to what you are being commissioned/hired to draw. Creativity is important because it helps you take risks when trying/learning new drawing styles and techniques. It also allows you to take the ideas around you and reflect it in the art you produce.
Self Motivated/ Disciplined
You have to be encouraged to be able to finish work in the time given to you effectively and efficiently (No Cramming!). If your work isn't finished in time you should take this into consideration for your next project and work on organizing your time more productively.
Reading Skills
You must be able to use your creativity when reading so you can create an image that portrays the thoughts and ideas within the text you are drawing for.
Analytical skills relate to reading skills because when reading you need to analyze the particular text in order to interpret it into your art. You must also be able to analyze your art in order to improve your own, either by editing your own work or examining the work of others.
ANA Marshall
Miranda Beilicki
Work Conditions/Work Environment
An illustrator most commonly works in a studio, but may also work in a home office or production department where there is either a drawing board and/or a computer workstation available. Work hours are usually between 8-11 hours a day, although evening and weekend work is sometimes needed to meet a deadline. There aren't really any specific benefits unless outlined by the employer.
Illustrators commonly work freelance and have to mediate contracts with employers. Illustrators usually make between $10-$75 per hour.
Average annual salary is between $36 000-$46 000 a year.
Most earnings are between $20 000-$70 000 a year.
Senior illustrators can make up to $100 000 a year. These are people who often specialize in technical or medical illustration.
Job Satisfaction
Job Stress
Cramming. It could be very stressful finishing projects on time if your schedule is full.
Expectations. Sometimes expectations aren't met when drawing; making you have a decreased sense of self satisfaction. It could also cause you to get commissioned less often/have a lower rate of employment.
Related Jobs and Self-Employment Opportunities
Related Jobs:
Art Director
Computer Animator
Graphic Designer
Industrial Designer
Medical Illustrator
Tattoo Artist
Sign Maker
Website Designer
Having the ability to express yourself. You can put yourself in your art work which can be fun and create a favorable outcome.
Flexible schedule. Being an illustrator allows you to have a relatively flexible schedule, you could work for a couple of hours one day and take the rest of the day off as long as you meet deadlines.
There are many jobs that are very similar to an Illustrator. Being an illustrator can also help you get into another career in the art field.
Community Involvement and Co-op Education
Well, in the past and currently we have been taking in commissions, doing art by description for people, typically online. Our art has been used as decorations for activities. We have bee hired drawing promotional art for a local business. We've helped professional artist during art camp sessions. We've also drawn holiday cards for friends and family!
These small forms of art can help us improve our artistic abilities, making us more experienced in the illustrating career. With more experience it makes it more likely for employers to hire us into their company.
Future Volunteer Hours
We’re looking into volunteering as consolers for summer/after school art camps.
Our Volunteer Hours
[lol we don’t have any volunteer hours relating to this]
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