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Several Kinds of Mutation

No description

titiana mayes

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Several Kinds of Mutation

Point Mutation Pictures
Insertion Or Deletion
one or more nucleotides in a sequence can be deleted or inserted
Point Mutation

a point mutation is a change in a single nucleotide and the sequence of dna from one kimd of base to another.
Nonsense Mutation
when a codon is changed to a stop signal and the resulting string maybe cut short causing a protein to fail to function. if a protein has a few more or less amino acids in it the insertion or deletion of many codons is likely to disrupt the structure and function of the protien
Chromosomal Mutation Pictures
Chromosomal Mutations
Deletion- occurs when a piece of a chromosome is lost this is usualy harmful: the genes are missing.
Duplication- occurs when a piece is attached to its homologous chromosome after meiosis
Inversion- occurs when a piece reattachs to its original chromosome but in a reverse direction
Translocation- occurs when a chromosome piece ends up in a completely different chromosme
Insertion Or Deletion Pictures
Several Kinds of Mutations
Missense Mutation
this is when a codon is changed so that a new codon codes for a different amino acid
Silent Mutation
when the mutation has no effect on the genes function, because each amino acid has multiple codo
FrameShift Mutation
this can cause the reading frame of the sequence to shift and cause the sequence to be read as different codons
silent mutation
missense mutation
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