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July 2011

Christine Lampe

on 4 August 2013

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Transcript of My PLE

My PLE Personal Learning
Environment July 2011 My PLN Personal Learning
Network drafting reflection images: headphones, iMac, laptop, monitor/ iconarchive.com; netbook, lg.com; mobile phone, nokia.com
logos: Cloudworks, open.ac.uk; Gmail, Google calendar, Google sites, google.com; Google chrome, thenextweb.com; Google reader, stimulatedboredom.com; Google scholar, Google sites, google.com; Iconarchive, iconarchive.com; LinkedIn, linked2success.co.uk; Picasa web albums, startupmeme.com; Prezi, aasltopwebsites.wikispaces.com; RSSMix, chinelodesigns.com; saysomethinginwelsh, learnwelsh.org; Skype, media.photobucket.com; stock.xchng, digitalimagemagazine.com; Symbaloo, imagecdn.maketecheasiear.com; The Open University, guardian.co.uk; Twitter, WordPress, YouTube, iconarchive.com presentation mindmapping repository polls/surveys feed aggregator research social bookmarking file sharing collaborating discussion notetaking annotating Welsh Arabic learningportfolio multimedia communicating planning Google calendar debate forums image processing module
planner images learnwelsh.org podcasts organising document processing institutionally
provided institutionally
provided vodcasts Silver Bird Diigo Web Highlighter Google Reader Notifier WordPress VLE premium VLE
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