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Symbolism in Haroun and the Sea of Stories

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melissa Collia

on 17 May 2016

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Transcript of Symbolism in Haroun and the Sea of Stories

What is Symbolism?

The use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities.

Thank you for watching!

Symbolism in
Haroun and the Sea of Stories

Story Water

The Stream of Stories
Guppees and Chupwalas
The Army (Library)
of Gup
Symbolism Explained
Mudra- The Shadow Warrior
Mudra is the Shadow Warrior that Haroun and his companions meet in the Land Of Chup.
When we first meet Mudra, Haroun says, "the Shadow Warrior showed him that silence had its own grace and beauty (just as speech could be graceless and ugly); and that Action could be as noble as Words; and that creatures of darkness could be as lovely as the children of the light."
Mudra symbolizes
This part in the novel teaches us that even though freedom of speech is important, there is something beautiful about silence and there need to be a balance between them . In the world today, its important we find the balance of speaking our minds and silencing ourselves.
The Disconnecting Tool
The Disconnecting tool symbolizes power:
. Power means the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events, some examples are leaders of countries, teachers in classes, and celebrities around the world

Who here has done something to please their mom or dad?

“In which case you’ll just have to without this and see how they like that”(59)

The appearance of the disconnecting tool was described as having veins this symbolizes a brain
Also can look like a monkey wrench
How Influenced are you?
If some one tells you to do something would you do it?

Or would you only do it if their was a reward or consequence?

If you were in Iffs position, would you have taken Haroun to see the Walrus or left without the disconnecting tool?
Guppees are described as the gossips

Chupwalas are known as quiet or silence

This symbolizes censorship, in the book we see the difference of freedom of speech and also people not being able to talk at all

If someone censored you speech, would you follow the rules?

The army of Gup arranges themselves as a library
In the novel, power of speech is said to be the greatest power of all
Symbolic for the power of words and books
The army of Gup ultimately wins the war due to their freedom of speech
Bezaban is the idol, of the cult of dumbness and muteness, that the Chupwalas worship
Frightening idol with no tongue and teeth the size of houses
Represents silence and quiet
Followers of Bezaban sew their lips together to show their life long devotion
Symbolizes leaders/idols of the world who force censorship
Authoritarian governements, dictatorships

The army of Chup
No communication due to silence laws
Caused army to loose because of betrayal and mistrust
Symbolizes how authoritarian government is unstable and unreliable when challenged
Army ended up fighting against their shadow
This symbolizes how the style of leadership will result in their followers turning against them when under pressure
Chupwalas and their shadow
Relationship describes conflicts between opposite beliefs
They symbolize the conflict between evil and good
Shadows represent dark side of humans
Humans are just the outward appearance
The fight between the Chupwalas and their shadows is the same as how the evil of humans conflicts with outward actions.

"Anybody can tell stories,' Iff replied. "Liars, and cheats, and crooks, for example. But for stories with that Extra Ingredient ah, for those, even the best story tellers need the Story Waters. ' " (p.58)

The Story Water in this novel can symbolize two different things. First, the Story Water symbolizes a life source for the people of Gup. In the novel, one can tell that the people of Gup need stories in their society. Therefore, stories are almost like their life source. In relation, humans needs water to survive just like the people of Gup need stories to survive
Story Water also symbolizes creativity, imagination and inspiration. In the novel, to be great story teller you need to consume story water.
In our world, everyone can tell a story however, to tell amazing stories you need to inspiration and active imagination.
Idol used by Khattam - Shud for the people of Chup to follow
Give an example of how we are being censored today
Bezaban reflects Salman Rushdies own battle with the censorship of his book
The Old zone Description
- The Old zone is believed to be the place of origin of all the stories in the Stream Of Stories and located near the Southern polr region of Kahani.
- "but it was believed that all the Streams OF Story had originated long ago in one of the currents flowing north across the ocean from the Wellspring, or Source of Stories," (86-87)
- The old zone began to be in disuse and becoming an easy target for Katam-Shud's dumping of waste
- “ You know how people are, new things always new. The Old tales nobody cares.” (86)
The Old Zone Meaning
- Just as the Gups abandoned the Old Zone us as the Western society with our advancements in technology have abandoned religion

- ” It's our own fault...We are the Guardians of the Ocean, and we didn't guard it...The oldest stories ever made, and look at them now. We let them rot, we abandoned them, long before this poisoning. We lost touch with our beginnings, with our roots, our Wellspring, our Source...just look! No colour, no life no nothing. (146).”

- The location also set up for some problems.
The Representation of the Rotation of Kahani
-“Thanks to the genius of the Eggheads at P2C2E House,’ Butt began, taking pity on Haroun, ‘the rotation of Kahani has been brought under control. As a result, the Land of Gup is bathed in Endless Sunshine, while over in Chup it’s always the middle of the night.” (80)
- It is said that the roation of Kahani was made to be in a fixed position where the land of Chup was in propetual light
"Chupwalas live in the dark, you know, and in the dark a shadow doesn't have to be one single shape all the time. Some shadows such as my goodself learn how to change ourselves, simply by wishing to do so... What's more: in the Land of Chup, a shadow very often has a stronger personality than the person, or self, or substance to whom or to which it is joined," (Rushdie 132)
- We can soon see that this is mocking the idea, because they have created the darkness of chup that they hate
- Much similarily to how the superpowers of the world created Terrorism
The Stream of Stories has many different symbols, along with it being a representation of the brain, it in fact also represents how life works and how life is always changing.
The Plentimaw fish creates new stories from old as they swim through the ocean.
There is no sense of the same, it’s a flow a constant change, the idea that everything new comes from old can apply to life just as it applies to how Plentimaw fish create new stories.
The quote, “Nothing comes from nothing,” can relate to life as well as it applies to the creation of stories, new experiences and ideas don’t come from thin air, other people have experienced these things before you.
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