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A case study for EU Swim

Diarmaid Keane

on 11 June 2010

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Transcript of Crowdfunding

Case Study:Crowdfunding Friday, 11 June, 2010 SON OF A VAMPIRE
Benchmarks Cosmonaut Swarm of Angels Iraq for Sale Age of Stupid Thanks for attention and we
await your donation! "Son of a Vampire" Conclusion Pros and Cons Other crowdfunded movies Artemis Eternal
Alice au pays s'emerveille
Sita sings the blues
Sound of noise
Entre nous deux
Enter the void

Our Group Bogdan Besliu Magali Aviet Alexandra Jore Lucy Setian Diarmaid Keane Tutor: Cristina Platform: Tous Coprod Platform: People 4 Cinema Totally Crowdfunded €850,000 Dedicated Website Subscription from €3 to €400 Ownership rights and credits Totally Crowdfunded €25,000 collected Dedicated website Fixed amount of subscription (€25) Decision Power Creative Common Independant Fictional Feature Length Complementary Crowdfunding €65,616 collected Dedicated website Fixed "Producer"
Purchase free from investor Complementary Crowdfunding 367 892 $ collected Dedicated Website Fixed subscription ($50) DVD received as feedback Copyright Independent Documentary Feature Length Total of €50,058 Complementary CF for 4% distribution Fixed rate of €20 + Receieved rights, services and package material Sound Of Noise Raised €15,000, wanted €50,000 Fixed rate of €10 + Rights, services, package material Difficulties

Demand special skills, time & energy

Reduce release incomes / Distributor deals

Difficulty to reach older/no internet users Audience

Avoid wide range audience / meanstream movie

Legal complexity of share-owner system and logistic complexity of repayment

Deceive the audience / Get lost among expectations

Not efficient without an identified prescriptive community

Investment for back- package


Impulse or Complete a movie budget

Create a pre potential audience

Viral marketing potentially feed Classic Promotion media

Guarantee of the independence for the director

For Dedicate website: Total control of the project

Project testing / Audience feed-back

Launch project about Common Interest Subjects

"Son of a Vampire" – Potential Audience

Mix-blooded people 100.000
Humans Parent of a mix-child 100.000
Vampires 1.000.000
TOTAL Community = 1st Bubble Audience 1.200.000
Average number of subscribers for C F 1.200

Fixed fees 30
Free fees 80

Optimistic number of subscribers 2500
Realistic number of subscribers 1200
Pesimistic number of subscribers 700
Optimistic average amount/subscriber 70
Realistic average amount/subscriber 50
Pesimistic average amount/subscriber 20
"Son of a Vampire
Potential Audience" Average amount/subscriber for Crowd-Funding in € Son of a Vampire C F Profiles datas Optimistic = +
Realistique = R
Pesimistic = -
subsc. - amount 175.000
subs. R amount 125.000
subs. - amount 50.000
R subs. amount 84.000
R subs. R amount 60.000
R subs. - amount 24.000
minus subs. amount 49.000
minus subs. R amount 35.000
minus subs. Minus amount 14.000
Son of a Vampire C F Profiles and Total C F Rased in € 1
1rst from 5€ to 20€ for 1 item

2nd from 20€ to 50€ for 2 items

3rd from 50€ to 100€ for 3 items

4th from 100€ for 4 items

5th from 1.300€ (=1% of the total budget) = Investor status Subscribers Categories: Package Items T shirt
Graphic design for personal use (print)
Name and personal link on the website
The possibility to vote for the film poster
Cinema ticket to the premiere
Cinema ticket (after release)
CD (with soundtrack)
Private forum access on the website
Film credits
Personalised photo album with exclusive "on set" photos
Private party access
Individual Trailer
Access to the shooting
Dinner with an actress/actor I II III IV

www.SonOfaVampire.com Viral Marketing vs. vs. Francisco Bernal Indiana Caudillo Raquel Navarro Mademoiselle de Paris Complementary crowdfunded 95,000 euro raised dedicated website Porn
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