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No description

nelysha roslan

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of READ

Read Treatment Synopsis. It is about a little girl who is so into books. She feel very soothing every time she flips and touch the words in each pages. Days by days, the number of books she read grew up. She always imagine herself be a part of the character in the story and could travel to each places she read. One day, while she was about to snuggle up on her cozy bed after done with the reading, she caught a hissing noise in her room. She was curious and once she turned around, she found that all her books in the room were dancing and they're taking her into another world with their magical hot-air-balloon. They took her to mountains, down the hills, seas she saw the duck’s family walking down the small road beside the lake. Suddenly the magical balloon fall. The girl fall into the mud and it splashed over the last duckling. That duckling was shocked yet he continue walking with the rest of his family yet he being rejected. He stopped and stared at ‘her’. She ran for her life. Suddenly, it start down poured raining. She fall and heard the birds chirping, a light breeze blowing in through her hair and the sun rays start warming her cheek. She's alive, she's still lying on her bed. She wonder either it happened for real or its just imagination. But she know, the journey she went before were bringing both peaceful and satisfying feeling inside her. She closed the book and walked away from framing. The words formed 'The End'. Title : READ
Medium : 2D & 3D
Target Audience : General
Genre : Fantasy
Duration : 3 minutes Character references. a little girl from poor family
6 to 8 years old
obsessed with books
high imagination
has good grades Character sketches Background/environment Background sketches. Concept and color. Purpose of the project. to identify the colors for the background layout that may lift up the emotions in short animation "Read" Role. Aimi : 3D modeller
Nelysa : 2D designer timeline Potential output. 16:9 DVD PAL Innovation and importance Human resources Gennedy Tartakovsky & Charley Harper SCENE 001:

Bedroom full with books and can see posters English fairy tales. A girl on rocking chair and she’s reading a book.book closed. As she is walking to snuggle up on her cozy bed. hissing sound. then she stopped. (bg sound: hissing noise).All books in that room.dancing and form tornado and she flew up away


SCENE 002:
She travel dgn magic baloons. pass by the forest.dark forest.mountains.hills. and lastly by the lake. can see the duck’s family walking down the small road beside the lake.Suddenly the magical baloon fall. the girl fall into the mud and being splitted over to one of the ducklings

SCENE 003:

She ran for her life. (BG from evening-twilight-night with bright shining stars.start down poured. and she slipped and fall.She fall into he bed. shocked face.The words from the book came out and formed “THE END” Material resources Internet : themosaicmaker.com

Book : Color-Mood Analysis of Films Based on Syntactic and Psychological Models

Software : Photoshop, Illustrator, Autodesk Maya, After Effect, Sony Vegas Pro

Sounds : Free Royalty Music, foley Color mood in background layout can lead the animation to speak by itself.
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