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English 2020 Final Presentation

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Roger Perry

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of English 2020 Final Presentation

Complimentary / Alternative Medicine Advantages of Modern Medical Sciences Diagnostic Equipment
Specialized Knowledge
Medication that can Eradicate or Control Diseases
Longevity and Quality of Life
Ease of Pain and Suffering
Shorter Recovery Time
Surgery to Remove Diseases or Mend Illnesses Disadvantages to Modern Medical Science Cost
Limited Access
Post-Operative Infections
Tired - Overworked Care Givers
Adverse Medical Interaction
Misdiagnosis / Mistreatment
Side Effects Disadvantages to CAM Vague / General in its Application
Limited Effectiveness
Limited or No Training / Credentials
Hard to Test Effectiveness
Unknown / Dangerous Ingredients
Misleading / Con-Artist Advantages of CAM Low Cost
Culturally Acceptable
No / Low Side Effects
Effective to More than Current Symptom
Advantages to the Body, Mind, And Soul Integrated Health Care: Who Benefits? Use Modern Diagnostic Equipment Remotely.
Use CAM principles to strengthen and Increase Body Motion. Prevention Instead of Cure
Use CAM Techniques to Lower Blood Pressure, Stress, and Increase Circulation and the Health of Internal Organs.
Create a System that can Facilitate Modern Medicine into Traditional Cultures.
Create a Health Care Plan that Emphasis is on the Patient not the Averages Modern Medical Science The Day that Buddha Walked into the Mayo Clinic Weaving Modern and Alternative Medicine Thinking into your life
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