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When James turns 10

No description

Patrick Reid

on 31 July 2015

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Transcript of When James turns 10

When James Turns 30
Population will be about 38 million
People 65+ will be almost 8 million
People 85+ will be almost 1.7 million
People will live 5 years longer
When James turns 10
Population will be about 28 million
People 65+ will be almost 5 million
People 85+ will be almost 600,000
Half of workforce due for retirement
Graduates will 'retire' at 70 (maybe)
Manual labourers not so lucky
240,000 workers currently, need another 700,000
Not just us...disability, childcare
Single biggest challenge for aged care
Job design
Career path
Training - formal and vocational
Aged Care is complex
Ration will only rise to 125 places in 1000
78% Residential to 22% Home care
Most want to live @ home
Palliative, End of life, Respite, wellness
Staged living - home, group, managed, EOL

James will be one of only 5 workers for each person in care
60% less than when I was born
670 farewell lunches per month in the next 10 years
$21 billion needed to build beds required (under ration)
80% of Australians own their own home
Methods to pay for care - scares Govt
Social compact issue for Australia
How an ageing population can grow your business
A King or President with hand cramp
1952 40 letters written for 100 years
2044 almost 19,000 letters
Movement needed to outcomes
Public reporting will be the norm
Quality of building is not quality of life
Comprised of all of the above
Staff quality and skill
Facility and/or amenity
Change is hard, pharmacy hasn't adapted well
Supply is only part of the story
Planning (election cycles don't help)
Is vaccination the watershed moment?
Being 'old' will be the norm
Being 'young' will be the exception
Aged care will be mainstream, core business
Currently a silo within sub acute care
200,000 bed days = $300 million
91% occupancy belies stats = 15,000+
'Re-ablement' and wellness
New experience for affected economies
Struggle will be to prepare your practice
1000 people
per week turn 65
Consider this...
Section 90 well placed as a navigator
Pharmacists also have an outreach role
First you need to 'skill up' in ageing
Join the AACP, get accredited
Ageing is clinically different
Think about your demographics
Dementia friendly
Aged care will be mainstream, core business
Gerontology is not taught to allied health
Older persons have changing physiology
Dementia affects 335,000 people
Many patients you know have it
You can be a dementia friendly pharmacist
Pharmacy: dementia friendly
Discuss becoming dementia friendly with staff
Awareness of dementia
Understanding of dementia
Strategies for good communication with people who have dementia
Register: dementiafriendly@alzheimers.org.au
Wicking Trust Understanding dementia
Pharmacists step up
Pharmacy traditionally poor at describing value
More than supply, more than QUM
Aged care and disability have workforce issues
150,000 staff required for both
pharmacists can fill many roles well
capability already there for many needs
skill set expansion for others not hard
into the Phuture
Electronic enablement - Internet of Things (IoT)
Remote monitoring of devices
Telehealth consults
Point of care and remote testing
eHealth record management
navigating patients/carers to support & resources
Demystifying Dr Google!
Hands on
Acute and chronic wound management
Decentralised hospital pharmacy services
Reablement services following discharge
Falls assessment and reduction
Acute and chronic pain management
Opiate replacement therapy
Seasonal flu vaccinations;
Pneumococcal immunisation
Anticoagulation monitoring
COPD/healthy lung screening
Complex therapy support
MRSA decolonisation in home & RACF
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