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Conflict Resolution

No description

Duc Vo

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Conflict Resolution

What is conflict?
How does it effect organization?
How to resolve or manage it?
What is the most crucial skill in dealing with conflict?
Some other smart tips
Q&A and a game show Agenda Identifying conflict types

Questions? Never force a conversation & Be patient

Pay attention to details to gain a big picture

Avoiding self-serving bias

Knowing how to say no Smart Tips Active listening is the most important skill that the manager should have to be able to solve the conflicts.

- Active thinking
- Be Non-judgmental
- Put yourself in others' shoes
- Ask the right questions to the right people Active Listening Affective or personal conflict:
- Focus on people and personalities
- Completely undesirable
- Should be eliminated

Substantive or issue conflict:
- Focus on problems and opinions
- A moderate amount is desirable
- Should be managed Personal vs. Issue Conflict BUS210

Saina Hajizadeh
WanChun Lai
Reema Thomas
Duc Vo CONFLICT SOLVING SKILLS Resolution Process 1. Identify the conflict
2. Active Listening
3. Participate in the conversation
4. Suggest solutions
5. Explain the consequences
6. Decision making
7. Access
8. Monitor the progress
9. Feedback and lesson for future use Conflict:
A form of interaction among parties that differ in interests, perceptions, and preferences.
Two types of conflict:
Affective or personal
Substantive or issue Definition And Characteristics What type of conflict this video describes? THANK YOU!
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