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Style of Dance: Tutting

No description

Nina Aranzaso

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Style of Dance: Tutting

Dance Project
What is tutting?
History of Tutting
Although it is not stated who started the Tutting trend, it became popular around the 1980's. The dance began as a mimicking of the angular poses common to egyptian art, certain tutting moves have been referred to as, "King Tut." Although it is sometimes mistaken for, "Walking like an Egyptian."
3 Main Facts About Tutting
Tutting became popular around the 1980's
The dance varies from body tuts to finger to intricate finger tuts
This dance creates geometric shapes with the use of right angles
Famous People Known for Tutting
Mark Benson a.k.a King Boogaloo tut is a famous tutter who became popular around the early 1980's. One of his widely moves the pioneering style.
Style of Dance: Tutting
Presented By-
Nina Lei Aranzaso
Period: 5
Mrs. Cottengim
Tutting is the name of the of the dance given to a contemporary abstract that exploits the body to creates geometric shapes with the use of right angles.
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