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Chapter 1- Getting On Course to Your Success

College Success Skip Downing

Annie Lankford

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of Chapter 1- Getting On Course to Your Success

Chapter 1: Getting on Course with your Success
Chapter 1: Getting On Course to your Success
The Power of your Choices
Assessing Yourself
Forks in the Road

Understanding the Culture of Higher Education
Culture Shock
Choices and Culture

Becoming an Active Learner
How the Human Brain Works
The 3 Principles of Deep and Lasting Learning
The CORE Learning System

Developing Self-Acceptance
Self-Esteem and Core Beliefs
Knowing and Accepting Yourself
The main ingredient in all success is wise choices.
"Culture shock is the upset and stress we experience when confronted with behaviors and beliefs that differ significantly from our own."

The CORE Learning System
Prior Learning,
Quality of Processing, &
Quantity of Processing are crucial to learning
Strategies to Improve Reading Using the 3 Principles:
Before Reading
Approach reading with a positive attitude (Quality)
Create a distributed reading schedule (Quantity)
Read when you’re most alert (Quality)
Read where you can concentrate (Quality)
Review past readings (Prior Learning)
Preview before reading (Prior Learning)
Strategies to Improve Reading:While Reading

"Life is the sum of all your choices".
-Albert Camus

What does success mean to you?
Life Lesson:
"It is natural to experience upset and stress when we find ourselves in a new culture."

Becoming an Active Learner
How the human brain works?
Three principles of deep & lasting learning
The CORE Learning System
Hard Skills & Soft Skills
Hard skills are the technical skills that are needed to get the job done. Ex.- Legal skills, accounting skills, nursing skills
Soft skills are skills, abilities, and traits that pertain to personality, attitude, & behavior
Motivation- enthusiasm, positive work attitude, commitment, dependability, & willingness to work.
Soft skills are essential to job success
"Having hard skills get you hired; lacking soft skills gets you fired."
Success is...
Staying on course to your desired outcomes and experiences
Outer Successes:

High Grades
Sports Victories
College Degrees
Inner Successes:
Enjoying Learning
Following Personal Interests
Focusing on Values
Creating More Fulfilling Lives
To be completely satisfying, success must occur both in the visible world and in the invisible spaces within our minds and hearts.
The Power of Choice
The main ingredient in all success is wise choices. That's because the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of the choices we make on a daily basis.
Successful people stay on course to their destinations by wisely choosing their beliefs and behaviors.
Example: Page 4
Guided Journal Entries
Copy the bold printed directions for each step in your journal
Be Spontaneous
Be Honest
Be Creative
Dive Deep
Remember...I will be the only one seeing these journals!!
Self Assessment in Book
Understanding the Culture of Higher Education
CULTURE: The sum of customs and beliefs people have learned from their family, friends, schools, religions, and other groups to which they belong.
2 types of culture
Surface Culture: food, fashions, language, gestures, games, art, music, and holidays.
Deep Culture: shared beliefs, attitudes, norms, rules, opinions, expectations
Page 17
High School Culture VS. College Culture
Page 29-On Course Principles AT WORK
Believing in Yourself
Self Esteem & Core Beliefs
High self esteem is the fuel that can propel us into the cycle of success.
Our core beliefs-true or false, real or imagined-form the inner compass that guides our choices.

"Confidence in one's own worth or abilities."
Knowing and Accepting Yourself
People with High Self-Esteem:
know that no one is perfect
accept themselves with both their strengths & weaknesses
acknowledge their strengths without false humility
admit their weaknesses without stubborn denial
accept weaknesses without self-judgement and take action to create positive changes
"The choices we make determine both where we are headed and the quality of the journey. Developing self-acceptance helps us to make those choices wisely."
Page 34--Wise Choices in College
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