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Poster Board The Regulators

No description

Luis Jimenez

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of Poster Board The Regulators

The University of Texas at El Paso
Our mission is to facilitate the monitoring of ECG signals to detect certain abnormalities (arrhythmia) in a person’s heartbeat. The ECG machine developed is a user-friendly device that transmits ECG signals in real-time for monitoring straight from emergency response vehicles.
AD620 Instrumentation
TLV2262 Rail-to-Rail
Op Amp
Serial Graphical
LCD 128x64
Ambulance Telemetry
We would like to thank Martin Lazzari, Dr. Homer Nazeran, Dr. Gary Williams, Jose Valdez and Ivan Renteria for all of the support in this project.
RN42-XV Bluetooth
Main Components
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Luis Jimenez | Cesar Rodriguez | Juan Vicente | Joseph Ortega
The ability to monitor ECG signals anytime is intuitive and provides identification of arrhythmia at any moment. This technology will provide early diagnosis of arrhythmia and it can become a valuable device to be carried in EMS vehicles.
Block Diagram
Future improvements consist of including additional peripherals on the device such as
Blood pressure
Body temperature
Respiratory rate
Real time acquisition of ECG signal for storage and processing.
Low-cost, portable, & lightweight.
3-lead ECG ideal for monitoring quality.
ECG Design
Visual representation of ECG signal on device. (60 beats per minute)
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