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MIT 813: Instructional Message Design. Rudy Silva Class Intr

No description

Rudy Silva

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of MIT 813: Instructional Message Design. Rudy Silva Class Intr

MIT 813: Instructional Message Design. Rudy Silva Introduction.
Phase 1
Hello MIT 813! My name is Norman R. Silva. However, I have been going by my middle name of Rudy since 1986 when I was in the military.
Phase 2
I have been married since 1998, no children, 1 rescue cat, and we have lived in sunny Jacksonville Florida for over 10 years now! I will add several photos in each phase from our nations oldest city of Saint Augustine that is only 30 miles south of here. This photo is from Magnolia Avenue in Saint Augustine.
Phase 3
I have been an independent service provider licensed by the State of Florida working with disabled adults since 2007. I love my job and I am grateful to continue to make a positive difference with some of our most vulnerable citizens. This photo is of the Cathedral Basilica in Saint Augustine.
What led me to FHSU and the graduate program in instructional technology? I enjoyed working with at-risk children when I was a group home manager and this natural ability appears to be a good fit for a career in education. This photo is Nombre De Dios from Saint Augustine.
Additionally, I enjoy technology and came to the realization that the Digital Age and its incredible growth and educational applications made the IT program a great fit for me! Here is a photo of the Fountain of Youth monument in Saint Augustine.
My goal is to have a great semester, learn new technologies and techniques, and hopefully make a few more friends along the way. I am also on track to graduate this semester! Here is a photo of The Old Senator tree in Saint Augustine.
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