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Suneet Kamath - Developer

No description

Suneet Kamath

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of Suneet Kamath - Developer

Suneet Francis Kamath
+44 7843792244
skype - sfkamath
Master of Science degree in Geographical Information Science
Master’s thesis in Agent Based Modelling of Inter-Vehicle Communication for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS); as an aid to solving traffic congestion problems
Experience with standard GIS tools in particular ESRI products, modelling packages such as RePast and open source toolkits such as GeoTools, JTS and JUMP
Pre-University Certificate
Top scorer in Computer Science at pre-unversity level
University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland
Abu-Dhabi Indian School, Abu-Dhabi, U.A.E.
Manipal Institute of Technology, Karnataka, India
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering
Developed a visualisation tool that demonstrated the internals of multiple computer language parsers
Interned at the Defence R&D Center in Bangalore; developed an assembly language based system to interface a computer and a heart lung machine using an RS-232 (serial) interface
Won several inter-college IT competitions and quizzes and was also part of the football, basketball and athletic teams
Consistently scored among the highest percentiles in over 15 programming language courses over four years
Inter-Vehicle Communication (IVC) is an emerging field that is opening up new possibilities
in traffic management. One of the main applications of IVC is in the dissemination of traffic
congestion information. In such applications, each vehicle plays a part in sensing and
distributing congestion information, promoting a decentralised approach to traffic
management. This research aims to explore the effectiveness of such an approach through
simulation. Additionally, the simulation allows for the exploration of alternative information
dissemination strategies that do not restrict a decentralised congestion information system to
implementation specific solutions. In this respect, this paper differs from current research, in
that it explores IVC from the point of view that a true decentralised congestion information
system should be scalable and adaptable. In light of this, a visualisation strategy is developed
for the dissemination of IVC based congestion information.
Resarch Paper :
Can Vehicle Telematics improve the quality of route planning?
curriculum vitae
IT Consultancy and Services
Tata Consultancy Services
Clients Served

Feb ‘04 - July ’04 National Securities and Depository Limited (NSDL), Mumbai, India
Jun ‘03 - Dec ’03 Qwest Communications, Denver, USA
May ’02 - May ’03 AT&T Broadband / Comcast, Denver, USA
May ’01 - Dec ’01 Telenor Mobil, Oslo, Norway
Oct ’00 - Apr ’01 Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Mumbai, India
Mar ’00 - Sept ‘00 Indian Air Force (IAF), Mumbai, India
Experience Gained
Worked on five Java Development projects developing web based solutions primarily focussing on middleware and open-source components
Designed and implemented a loosely coupled role based security J2EE framework that could be reused across multiple projects for NSDL in 2004. Also designed the reporting framework for the project.
Setup Ant, Log4J, JUnit, WebSphere, Clover, CruiseControl, PMD, Struts 1.1 and DB2 at NSDL
Designed a VB based solution at NSDL, for the scanning and digitisation of millions of tax application forms; supporting digitization of fingerprints and signatures
Developed web and web-service components of a J2EE system for Qwest in a purely Extreme Programming environment
Customised cruisecontrol to support PVCS for continuous integration at Qwest
Provided 24-hour on call support in weekly shifts for the Remedy based Customer support application at AT&T Broadband. Involved Oracle server support and monitoring
Designed and implemented J2EE and C/C++ based XML interfaces to interface the trouble ticketing system (Remedy) with various other applications at AT&T
Developed a Java Swing based test tool (based on Apache JMeter) to stress test HTTP XML interfaces. Consequently, refactored interfaces leading to a 60% decrease in code and 20% better performance
Coordinated setup and diagnosed/fixed errors with CISCO CSS Load Balancers to work with Remedy at AT&T
Conducted workshops for Java, Struts and design patterns at the Java Excellence Center and the TCS training institute
Developed a J2EE portal at Telenor that delivered personalised content using the Weblogic personalisation engine and Struts 0.5
Tested and fixed application errors and facilitated the UAT at BSE. Developed a proof-of-concept asynchronous messaging system using C and Java sockets and threads
Redesigned a network for the IAF as part of a network rollout of a turnkey project
Provided hardware and network support to TCS staff and clients during initial term as a trainee
Exposed to core IT best practices on Hardware, Networking and Software Development
Understood networking and data center activities in the context of enterprise systems
Gained confidence to design, integrate and architect sytems using Java middleware
Learnt to work with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds
Worked on two of India's first online systems - BSEwebx (the online stock portal for the Bombay Stock exchange) and TIN (Tax Information Network) which regularly gets mentioned in newspapers even today and also won the award for “The most outstanding project of National Importance” in 2005
Infosys Technologies Ltd. May '08 - Sept '09
Supervised a part of the offshore team of a program (£850 K) for PwC and provided technical consultancy to the entire team on the J2EE platform
Designed a J2EE reporting solution that supported web and pdf report generation
Developed complicated workflow to handle multiple workflow paths triggered by a user action
Designed and developed an asynchronous web service polling mechanism using Quartz and JMS
Setup Subversion for version control and Corbetura for coverage reports for the project
Managed offshore delivery of a project (£150 K) for PwC. Project delivered on the .Net 3.5 platform. Adopted the agile methodology during the build phase of the project
Designed a multithreaded file server using .Net 3.5 web services with authentication through an XML Gateway (a first time implementation according to CISCO)
Client Served (offshoring)
May '08 - Aug '09 PriceWaterhouseCoopers
Experience Gained
First time as a manager, I gained substantial exposure to management best-practices, quality processes and underwent Leadership training through the Infosys Leadership Institute
Gained exposure to offshoring from the pioneers of the Global Delivery Model widely acclaimed and publicised in Thomas Friedman's book 'The World is Flat'
Personal growth
Got an opportunity to live and work in my hometown (Mangalore - coastal city often mistaken for Bangalore)
Drove 50 miles for 2 hours everyday in a hilly environment to and from work listening to audiobooks and catching up on music
Read over 15 biographies and self-improvement books
TCS and Infosys are the top two home-grown IT companies in India. TCS, in many ways, is considered the pioneer of the IT industry in India and prior to the strong growth of the indian IT sector through offshoring, was focussed on providing consulting to domestic and international clients.

In 1999, when I joined TCS, it was 7000 people strong. It grew to 120,000 people by 2009. Infosys follows with a 100,000 head-count competing with international organisations such as Accenture and IBM.

I started my career with TCS at the Corporate Headquarters data-center in Mumbai, as a Hardware Engineer on 22 November 1999. Fixing hardware problems for and being around the CEO, Vice Presidents, the Chairman and the Chairman of the TATA Group was in retrospect one of the biggest exposures I got.
GIS and product development
In 2003, while in America, I was exposed to a wealth of information about places mostly through maps and also took to a wide range of outdoor activities in Denver. A keen interest in maps and an urge to get back to University lead me to discover Geographical Information Systems.

In 2004, I enrolled in the University of Edinburgh's GIS programme considered to be one of the best of its kind in Europe with a 5* research rating.

In 2005, while I was studying at Edinburgh, Google released Google maps (pioneering web 2.0 'slippy maps' and showcasing what used to be a very niche technology via Google Earth)
City of Edinburgh Council (CEC), Edinburgh, UK
Product Development
GIS for scheduling tram development
About me
a grade 5 qualified pianist, I long to settle down with a piano. Sadly it hasn't fit in my 20 kilo backpack

worked as a dj mixing tunes for events when I was 20 and 21

now enjoy drum 'n bass and Chopin
love cycling and been cycling on and off since the age of 5. tried training with the Rocky Mountain Cycling club once but decided Paris-Brest-Paris was better left to Lance

did quite a bit of motorbiking in my university life, around 50,000 kms or so, and my claim-to-fame was that I inspired a college buddy to travel India on a motorcycle. Amit Reddy subsequently wrote "Who Stole my India?" - under consideration by Penguin to be published

My first car was in America - a 1990 Nissan Maxima with a 170 bhp 3-liter V-6
tried telemark skiing in Norway for the first time. Telemarked a lot more in Denver and also did some backcountry and alpine touring
between 2000 and 2004, I learnt basic survival on short treks in south India, longer treks in Denver and a very long trek in the Himalayas

while doing my Master's, I did some climbing at indoor climbing walls in Edinburgh
Provided six specification documents as ‘Agile User Stories’ to enhance the SmallWorld GIS
Successfully designed, tested and rolled out a workflow solution to integrate Symology Asset Management system with SwallWorld GIS
Analysed, specified and tested extensions to the SmallWorld GIS system to facilitate scheduling and construction of the Tram Network in Edinburgh
Sept '07 - Jan '08
Geowise Ltd.
Extended the InstantAtlas Data Server (IADS) to support dynamic data driven maps
Developed Oracle and MS SQL enhancements for IADS in addition to several front-end web extensions
Developed several IMF customisations in Java/J2EE to support complex front-end user extensions and gazetteer support – for the Environmental Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage and Borders Council
Maintained maps on the Natural England website – involved customising ArcSDE scripts and fixing datasets using FME
Aug '06 - Sept '07
Nov '99 - July '04
SeeByte Ltd.
Apr '06 - July '06
Evaluated GIS components to be used for the next version of the flagship product SeeTrack
Enhanced and fixed components of SeeTrack
with GIS companies
Highly successful professional with a proven track record delivering quality software solutions
Over five years of web development experience using n-tier architectures
Agile practitioner with hands-on experience across four projects using a variety of techniques
GIS specialisation with a Master’s degree and two years of GIS experience in the UK
Middleware expert on the Java platform with over five large scale project implementations
Experience in designing high load, scalable solutions taking advantage of hardware and networking advancements
Why me?
understand n-tier Java architectures from its early days
flair for programming from a young age
keep regularly updated by getting involved with user groups and attending workshops, barcamps and (un)conferences
cv cloud
Technical Skills Matrix
courtesy wordle.com
Run, play basketball & football to keep fit and quite skillful with a cue-stick
Kanchenjunga 8,586 m
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