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Importance of language in human development

No description

Flo Perondi

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of Importance of language in human development

What happen to children with less develop of language?
-Reading and writing

(American speech-language-hearing association)
Importance of language development in childhood
What is language development?
- A process starting early in human life.
- 4 months of age, babies can discriminate speech sounds and engage in babbling.
Why is language development important to a Child?
(University of North carolina)
(Washington University School of Medicine)
What is language?
-The method of human communication.

- A system of communication used by a particular country or community.
-the earliest learning begins in womb (Pacific Lutheran University)

-Starts at birth
- Communicate their emotions and needs
- Express thoughts
-Starts at birth
-Listen, decode and understand spoken language.
What is important in language development?
Florencia Perondi C.
Miss María Isabel Uriarte

-Higher language skills
-Environment rich in language
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