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1950s Toys vs. Modern Day Toys

Kids Then vs. Kids Now

Samantha Bilancione

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of 1950s Toys vs. Modern Day Toys

1950s Toys vs. Modern Day Toys Popular Toys from the 1950s Mr. Potato Head
Pick Up Sticks
Basketball Card Game
Silly Putty
Johnny West (action figure)
Wooly Willy
Match Box Cars
Tiny Tears Play-Doh
Hula Hoop
Tonka Toys
Tinker Toys
Army Men Popular Toys From the 2000s -Leap Frog
-Furby Toys
-Zhu Zhu Pets
-Bob the Builder
-Nintendo Wii
-Ultra-Lifelike Dolls like Baby Annabell
-Thomas the Tank Engine
-Razor Scooter
-20'Q -Mindflex
-Hi-tech remote control toys
-Kiddie computers like the Dora the Explorer Laptop
-Merchandise from the Harry Potter films
-Old-favorite board games like Scrabble and Monopoly
-Xbox 360
-Playstation 3
-Sony PSP
-Nintendo DS 1950s Toys Modern Day Toys Both Barbie Commercial (2012) Barbie Commercial (1950s) Similarities and Differences Between The Two Commercials 1950s Commercial 2012 Commercial Both Similarities and Differences Chart Between Toys of the 1950s and Toys Nowadays -Toys from the 50s required kids to use their imaginations more -Simple in design, but complex in their creativity
1)The Hula Hoop - when you looked at it, it was just a giant circle.. but what you did with it, was up to you. -A few toys didn't start out as being toys; they were designed to be something else; they were mistakes that turned out to be great toys that children loved.
1) Silly Putty (accidentally created in research during World War II - not created in the 50s, but developed in the 1950's)
2) Frisbee (was from the Frisbie Pie Company, it was their pie plate) -Most of the 1950s toys are still here today and going strong.
Some Examples:
1) Army Men
2)Silly Putty
3) Play-Doh
6) Hula Hoop
7)Tonka Toys and Tonka Trucks
8)Matchbox (brand) -Modern Day Toys are technologically advanced. -Requires skill, rather than imagination to play with these toys. -Even very young children learn how to use technology. -Unless a modern day toy is an electronic, they are not as well constructed as the toys from the 1950s; which were manufactured in the USA with die-cast metal, sturdy plastics, and wood that could take a beating. -Both toys from both decades/eras are geared to provide entertainment. -Encourage use of imagination. -Requires knowledge and skill. -Designed for one purpose: entertainment. -Toys from the 1950s and toys from the 2000's are priced according to their time eras. -Introducing Barbie: Barbie's Debut. -Commercial was in black and white (no color). -The Style's of Barbie were classier. -Hats and gloves as Barbie's accesories. -No slacks, only skirts, dresses, gowns, or rompers (one-piece shorts outfit). -Everyone now knows who Barbie is, so instead of commercials introducing Barbie, they introduce new styles for Barbie. -Commercial is in vibrant colors. -Pop tune to the song that's playing in the commercial. -Barbie has now expanded into being a person with wings, a fairy, a mermaid.. creativity for Barbie has grown more and more. -Today's Barbie is interactive, you can now change her hair color.. style her hair.. and even cut her hair, back in the 1950's Barbie's hair was preset in one style, making it too short to cut. -Targeting the female consumer. -You can purchase accessories separately. -Barbie isn't just for one age group, even some adults collect Barbie. -Still made by the company Mattel. -Still loved by girls of different age groups worldwide. Sources http://www.woodstockcandy.com/toys-popular-in-1950s.html http://voices.com/top-ten-toys-yesterday-1950s-678088.html http://www.retroplanet.com/CTGY/Toys-Of-The-50s http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:1950s_toys
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