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ACL decade project 2000's

ACL Project

Natalie Kassis

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of ACL decade project 2000's

The 2000's Music Of The Decade! Fashion Of The Decade!! Foods & Resturants of the decade!! Arts & Entertainment Recreasion/Leasure/Sports! Politics Of the Decade! Economy Inventions/Technology/Science Values/Trends (Culture) Influential People!!! Popular Songs Of The Decade!!
1.Oops I Did It Again-Brittney Spears(2000)
2.Survivor-Destiny's Child(2001)
3.A Thousand Miles-Vanessa Carlton(2002)
4.Rock Your Body-Justin Timberlake(2003)
6.Behind These Hazel Eyes-Kelly Clarkson(2005)
7.Bad Day-Daniel Powter(2006)
8.Girlfriend-Avril Lavinge(2007)
9.Pocket Full Of Sunshine-Natasha Bedingfield(2008)
11.California Gurls-Katy Perry(2010) Some popular artist of the decade were Eminem,Shakira,Madonna,'N SYNC, Vanessa Carlton,Coldplay,Usher,Gwen Stefani,Ne-yo,Akon,Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, ect. As you can see the music wasn't one specific type of music,it was a variety of everything. The 2000's are often described as a "mash-up" decade, which means the decade didnt have one particular style like decades from the 40's to the 80's. Women and girls fashion: In the early 2000's denim mini skirts,Burberry,daisy dukes,ripped (distressed) jeans,flip-flops,denim jackets,and tank tops were popular clothing.

In the mid 2000's lowrise skinny jeans,knee high boots with pointed toes,tunics worn with wide or thin belts,capri pants, and vintage clothing including hippie and boho inspired dresses with paisley patterns were popular.

In the late 2000's head-bands,denim print leggins,knitted sweater dresses, nike tempo shorts, and acid washed skinny jeans were popular,leather jackets and fur coats also made a comeback. Mens fashion: In the early 2000's argyle socks,khaki slacks,boot-cut jeans tracksuits,light colored polo shirts,white Adidas or Nike trainers were popular. Oxford shoes,loafers,and baseball caps were popular. In the mid 2000's Converse All-Star,Winkle Pickers,cartoon print hoodies,vintage T-shirts,and slim-fitting jeans were popular. In the late 2000's the 1950's and the 1980's fashion became popular like Letterman Jackets,Black leather jackets,Straight leg jeans,Ed Hardy T-shirts,Rolex wrist watches, and neon colors were popular. Also in the late 2000's geek chic inspired Horn Rimmed glasses. Tartan flanal shirts,Cardigans,and V-neck sweaters also became popular. Popular footwear include Sperry top-siders,KEDS,motorcycle boots,Nike Air Jordans,VANS,and Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Trendy Foods Of the 2000's:
Artisan bread,Purple Ketchup,SPAM,sushi bars, sliders,
deep fried twinkies,Green Tea,and Pink Water. How often did people eat out?? An average of one out of five meals consumed by americans, 4.2 meals per weak were fast food. Between 1981-2000's average weekly consuption of privatley prepared meals per person declined. A popular resturant of the 2000's was Outback Steak House because it was a newer resturant. FACT:For most of the 2000's the value of a dollar was $0.89. PRICES!!
In the early 2000's the price of a hamburger was $0.79. Now in 2011 the price of a hamburger is $0.92 so the price incresed $0.13. Venues: The Staple Center, LA California
HollyWood Palladium, LA California
Madison Square Garden, NYC
Nashville Tennessee Theatre
Radio City Music Hall, NYC
and The Shrine Auditorium LA California.All of these places have held some of the most important events in music and movie history. 10 Best TV Shows of the 2000's!!
1.The Sopranos
2.The Wire
5.Mad Men
6.30 Rock
7.Battlestar Galactica
8.Friday Night Lights
9.The Daily Show
10.Amazing Race Top 5 movie stars of the decade!!
1.Cate Blanchett-played in Lord Of The Rings 1,2 ,and 3
2.Emma Watson-Played in all Harry Potter movies 1-7
3.George Clooney- Played in, Good Night and Good Luck.
4.Catherine Zeta-Jones-Chicago.
5.Matt Damon-Played in Departed. The Chicken Noodle Soup dance started off as a street dance in 2006. With this hip hop dance, there is a lot of leg and foot action. The beat is fast, so the movement of the dance is rather fast as you make your body move. This dance is performed with street music poetry or rap as it is called. Dances of the 2000's:
Since the 21st century was mostly about hip-hop and rap, dances like the Soulja boy,Cupid Shuffle,A-town stomp,The Chicken-Noodle Soup,and The Harlem Shake were all popular dances in that time. Jimmie Johnson, Nascar's Sprint Cup Series champion every year since 2006, isn't particularly charismatic. But he's great at what he does. He's also appealing to many fans because he seems to be just like them,the guy next door who just happens to double as the best driver on the Nascar circuit. That's among the reasons why Johnson rates as America's most influential athlete this year. October,7th,2001 Barry Bonds one of the greatest players of all time,broke a record of 73 home runsin one season. The day he got his 73rd home run his team (the San Francisco Giants) played the Los Angeles Dodgers,beating the Dodgers 2 to 1. January,23,2006
Kobe Bryant scored 81 points in one game against the Toronto Raptors. With that game Kobe Bryant is in second place for most scored points in one game behind Wilt Chamberlin in 1st with 100 points. Sports Heath and Fitness trends in the 2000's.
Low carb dieting,Exergaming,New health and excersize technology,dancing,core and functional training and anti-shoes were popular trends to stay in shape. Slang Terms:
Sick: Cool.
Newbie: Someone inexperienced.
Peeps: Friends, People.
Rents: Parents.
Sweet: Beyond cool. Social Networking,video games,livestrong bracelets,MP3,scooters, and DVD were all popular trends of the era. Records !! By the 2000’s women and colored people were treated equal, women can vote, colored people don’t have to go to different schools or ride in the back of the bus because we're all equal now. In the 2000's, since 9/11 had just occured, people were worried about their money their insurance, and about their family. The president of the United States from 2000-2008 was George W. Bush.
And the president from 2009-To Now, is Barack Obama Yes, there was awar it was the Afghanistan war. On October,7,2001
as the U.S,U.K.,and Afghanistan United Front launch operation enduring freedom in response to the Sept.11 attacks on the U.S. Major political issues in the 2000's were the war with afghanistan and September,11,2001(9/11). Controversies in the 2000's were with Afghanistan and 9/11 and war with them. Allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire would be a mistake with the economy trying to grow.In A series of tax cuts backed by former President George W. Bush in 2001 and 2003 are set to expire, with most likely to be renewed except the relief given to those making more than $250,000. The early 2000's recession was not as bad as many predicted it would be,nor was it as bad as the two previous worldwide recessions. The economy grew for the 9th year in 2000.With the unemployment rate falling to 4.0% it's the lowest level in more than 3 decades. In 2000 it was estimated that there was 110,000 open nursing positions,meaning that demand,twice as high as any U.S. nursing shortage since the 1960's Inventions that came out during my decade were,the Ginger,the phone tooth,Youtube,and the Toyota Hybrid car. The Ginger is considered a transportation device that dosen't use gasoline so that would have an impact on someones life by saving them money. New 3-D computer imaging process (virtual colonoscopy) allows doctors to observe intestines painlessly and to screen for colon cancer Technology played a big part in this decade,for example the virtual colonoscopy allows doctors to observe inside the body wihout any pain. steve jobs

At 54, Jobs and his accomplishments are legendary. The Apple co-founder is known for an exacting attention to detail and a keen knack for predicting a trend—not to mention a fixation on elegant design. He is widely considered the archetypal tech visionary of our time.

Skeptical? Consider these breakthroughs of the past 10 years: the Apple retail store (2001), the iPod (2003), the Apple iTunes Store (2003), the iPhone (2007), the Apple App Store (2008). Apple churned out a line of stunning laptops (the MacBook Air) and desktops (iMacs) throughout the decade, but Jobs was intensely focused on expanding the company's reach. Bill Gates has been a titan of technology since the early days of the personal computer. Yet, even in retirement from Microsoft, he continues to wield tremendous influence on technology.

Gates will forever be known as the Man That Built Microsoft. But in the coming decades he aims to use the financial influence acquired as the founder of Microsoft to help save lives and end fatal diseases.
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