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Generosity by Dr. Erkan Likos

No description

Erkan Likos

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Generosity by Dr. Erkan Likos

Selfish / Generosit
Modern Life
Generosity by

Dr. Erkan Likos

Generosity is a guiding principle for many registered charities, foundations and non-profit organizations.

Generosity and Love
Modern philosophy teaches that.
«Have fun, be happy and live as you want.»
It form description of happiness with these commands.
There is constant pressure rather than take from this

Generosity is the virtue of giving. Generosity is giving to another person something of yours as an act of freewill, without obligation.
It is the habit of giving without expecting anything in return.

Generosity requires an awareness of your own freedom—I choose to give this gift—and the decision to make good use of that freedom—I choose to do good.

Although you may think first of generosity in monetary terms, often non-monetary gifts, such as time, encouragement, hope, laughter, hospitality, service, and forgiveness, may have the most value.
If you are giving to right a wrong then you are acting from 
, not generosity.

If you are giving out of a sense of obligation you are acting from 
, not generosity.

If you are giving out of a sense of loyalty you are acting from 
, not generosity.

If you are giving out of a sense of self-interest, it is
, not generosity.

If you are giving to someone you
, then you are acting from love, not generosity.
Generosity is your decision to act in opposition to hate, contempt, envy, anger, and even indifference.
Generosity keeps good company, as the following combinations of virtues show:
Generosity keeps good company, as the following combinations of virtues show:
Generosity + courage
Generosity + justice
Generosity + compassion
Generosity + gentleness

Generosity + mercy

A generous person is not doing others good because duty requires this. Morality is often construed in terms of duties, especially duties toward other persons
But duties are the sort of moral prescriptions that place one at odds with one’s inclinations.

If Generosity spread in public, love and cooperation will increase. Generosity is the enemy of Meanness.
Cooperation and the development of friendly relations will strengthen people relationship.
Generosity is associated with empathy.
thinking of someone else more than himself is the peak of humanity

Selfishness is being concerned, sometimes excessively or exclusively, for oneself or one's own advantage, pleasure, or welfare, regardless of others

We tent to take it that generous people are benevolent because of its character trait not as matter of deliberation or calculation.
As a character trait, generosity inclines one to do good for others.

In this life style, instead of giving, teach to get continuously from people.
Children who not rise with sharing, they would not have sense of empathy.
«Ağaç Yaşken Eğilir»
When selfish person give, he expect to have appreciation.

Hidden generosity are more appropriate behaviour.
“İyilik yap at denize balık bilmese de Halık bilir''
The balance of Generosity and Wastefulness
Generous person pay attention to spending on his limits.
He would even offer food to twenty people , but triy NOT to throw food in the garbage.
Wasteful person spend according to his desire rather than his needs.
He does NOT consider the needs of the other’s needs, he makes shopping to satisfy his own ego.
Generous people give with ease easy conscience.
Generous people give while nobody see.
Mean people gives something he not need.
Improve Socialization
If we spread generosity (one of the most important values for social emotion) in community, it will help to increase cooperation and sharing of respect.
To expand cooperation, warm and close relationship, it will help to strengthen the trust.
what I want for myself, I want it for anyone else. This is a universal moral values.
If we can expand generosity in society, it provide hope to people such as patients, weak, incapable, elderly and children to connects them to life.
Sharing protect someone to feel loneliness and feeling of nothingness.
True Story
One day while shopping in the market, in order to be economical and to preserve the confidence and integrity on which trade depends, he disputed hotly over something worth less money. One of his friend saw him, ‘Umar’s son’s quarrel over a less money to be an extraordinary stinginess, he followed him in order to understand his conduct.
Friend, who was watching from the distance, was curious. He went and asked the poor men: ‘Abdullah stopped a while with you. What did he do?” Each of them replied: “He gave me a gold.” “Glory be to God!,” exclaimed friend, and thought to himself:
For this case, Imam Abu Hanifa said: “There can be no excess in good, just as there is no good in excess.” That is to say, just as in good works and benevolence there can no excess or wastefulness on condition. They are for the deserving, so there is no good at all in wastefulness and immoderateness.
"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."~Winston Churchill
İt can manifest itself in small or large measures: as he began to shave,he thought to turn off the running water in his hotel room.
Next he saw that ‘Abdullah was entering his house and spotted a poor man at the door. He chatted with him for a bit, and the man left. Then he came out of the second door of the house and saw another poor man. He chatted with him for a while too, and the man left.
“How is it that he quarrel like that over a less money in bazaar, then was completely happy to give away too much money in his house without letting anyone know?”
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