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Nathan Struth Pitt County

No description

Nathan Struth

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Nathan Struth Pitt County

Nathan Struth Pitt County
Historical Features
The battle of Tranter creek was fought on June 4th, 1862. This battle left a total of 40 casualties and Col. George Singletary was killed, forcing the Confederate to retreat and the day went to the Union.
Pitt county has many museums, art galleries, and performing arts, especially in Greenville. They also have a purple/gold pigskin pigout party and lots of other festivals, and a major sports tournament.
Major industries
Pitt county is diversified a lot with industries such as Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals, Life Sciences, Agriculture and Food Products, Advanced Learning Technologies, Advanced Manufacturing, and Plastics.
Maps of Pitt County
Pitt county
The county got its name from William Pitt, the Earl of Chatham. It was formed in 1760 from Beaufort County but the legislative act did not become effective until January 1st, 1761. The county seat is the city of Greenville. It is located in the coastal planes of North Carolina.
University/sports team
Pitt county has the third largest university in the state, ECU is home to the Pirates college football team.
Physical Features
Pitt County has 63 streams, some I thought stood out were Clayroot, Conetoe, and Herring run. It has 5 swamps Baldwin, Cannon, Great, Grindle Pocosin, and Island swamp. It also has 1 summit named the Hill, 6 lakes which are named Eason, Edson, Forbes, Grimes, Harris Millpond, and Lake Glenwood, 2 bays - Martin and Shop Cove, and 2 bars - Little Blue Banks and Rainbow Bank.
Pitt County is located in the eastern area of North Carolina, near the Pamlico sound
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