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28.1 Structure of the Sun

No description

Katelynn Dorn

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of 28.1 Structure of the Sun

Sun's Energy
most known elements are in the sun
75% hydrogen
helium about 24%
3 regions- each blending into the next
sun is 300,000 more massive than earth
28.1 Structure of the Sun
Hydrogen Fusion
H atoms lost their electrons
1. two H protons collide
2. one of the protons changes into a neutron
3. another proton joins the group
4. two of these groups collide and fuse and throw away the 2 extra protons
some mass is converted into energy
Mass Into Energy
Einstein proposed that a small amount of mass could produce a large amount of energy (1905), E = mc^2
fusion of other elements (C, N, O) also produces energy
The Sun: Crash Course
The Inner Zones
radiative zone- closest to core
2,500,000 degrees C
energy moves from atom to atom through radiation
convective zone
1,000,000 degrees C
heat is transferred to sun's surface via convection
The Sun's Atmosphere
uppermost region of solar gases
photosphere- innermost
6000 C, granulation, visible light
chromosphere- color sphere
4000-50,000 C, solar jets
corona- crown, outermost
2,000,000 C
prevents most of sun's particles from escaping into space
solar winds
The Core
10% of inner diameter (total is 1,300,000 km)
15,000,000 degrees C (gas)
10 times denser than iron
intense heat and pressure strips electrons away from atomic nuclei
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