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CMU 12/8/2014

No description

Jerome Pesenti

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of CMU 12/8/2014

“Java Programming”
“Machine Learning”
“Computational Linguistics”
“Natural Language Processing”
Watson Needs TALENT!
“Performance Engineering”
“Artificial Intelligence”
Watson has opened up a world of new possibilities

“Information Retrieval”
“Business Development”
What is Watson?
The New Face of IBM
Executing With Speed
New Work Environment
Building Essential Skills for the Cognitive Era
Pilot 10 Universities 2014 growing 170 globally by 2016
Secret Sauce:

1. Develop corpus - Build ideas for cognitive innovation in an Industry - collection & curation of data
2. Train corpus - Ingest data, test, train, evaluate
3. Prototype App Development - Design, develop and deliver a prototype app
4. Develop Entrepreneurial Know-How: – Create business plan for market-ready solutions
Students compete to build the best Apps using Watson intelligence
Watson Coursework
Give students unprecedented access to Watson - via the Watson Developer Cloud & provide IBM technical mentors, guest speakers, and course development to ensure success

January 9th - NYC - Headquarters - top team from each school competes for for at $100K seed fund to get their start-up off the ground
New Partners, Clients and Start-up Investments:
New Solutions & Services: IBM Watson Analytics - Explorer - Discovery Advisor - Engagement Advisor IBM Watson Platform - Developers Cloud
World Class Problems
Watson Jeopardy Challenge
(IBM 2011)
Watson Oncology Advisor
Watson Discovery Advisor
Next Up: Watson Debater!
Let Watson settle your arguments
Take a given topic
Scan For Relevant Articles
Deduce pros and cons in seconds based on context & language of claims
Jerome Pesenti
DE & VP Core Technology
World Class Technologies
Using Machine Learning to Understand Language
Deep Learning
Read Lips with same accuracy improvement as humans
Machine Translation
Watson Platform:
Embed Watson into your App
IBM best error rate
on speech
Google best error rate
on vision
Slot Grammar Parser
What’s behind it?
2880 Processor Cores
Single User System - factoid QA system
3 weeks to ingest Wikipedia
25+ Watson Research team members
Wikipedia based corpus
"Watson at Play"
Cognitive Computing
32 Processor Cores, 24X faster
Thousands of users
Healthcare Decision Support
WatsonPaths innovations
<3 days to ingest Wikipedia
Medical domain processing
"Watson at Work"
Cognitive Ecosystem
Deep Semantic Parsing
Watson cloud service
Millions of users
Dialog chaining
A few hours to ingest
Broad industry corpus
Jeopardy Game Win
Apache UIMA project started based on IBM's submission
Deep Blue
Artificial Intelligence
Chess Playing system win
Watson wants to collaborate with key universities
Lots of research initiatives around NLP/ML/Cognitive Computing:
Active learning, transfer learning, semi-supervised learning, ensemble learning
Vector space models, deep learning for NLP
Concept analytics, knowledge graph
Multi-modal - A/V and NLP

Many possible ways of collaborating
Core research in these fields
Public competitions (e.g., ImageNet)
Application to a given domain (e.g., Cognitive Tutor)
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