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My Spring Break

I was in Chinese watching the clock by the minute. I was jumping in my seat not paying attention to anything that was surrounding me. Then it was 3:25. My teacher said it was time to go. I ran out.

Kate Sharman

on 1 April 2010

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Transcript of My Spring Break

Minya and Pop Pop are my grandparents. My brother and I waited 2 hours for them to come. I made a sign that said: " Welcome Minya and Pop Pop." When they came I was jumping up and down and so was my brother. When they walked throgh the door I had a smile from ear to ear. I was shy at first. But I wasn't shy at all after a few minutes. After a few hours we went to ISB and played at the park.
After a few days we had a party with our Sweedish friends. I was waiting for them to come when they finally came. It was a warm day outside and everybody was wearing light things. I played with my Littelest Pet Shops with Mija, the girl. We ate food and started telling jokes. We laughed so hard we started coughing. Soon after we started telling jokes we were saying good- bye. It only felt like 2 minutes!!!
We went to Tianiman Square after a good lunch at a good resturant called "The Hole in The Wall." We went to Tianiman Square in 2 taxi cabs. My mom and grandparents in one, and me and my dad in the other. My dad got the tickets and we went into "The Forbidden City." We were looking for the Emporer's Bedroom. My mom and me went and looked around The Forbidden City and I got Peanut M&Ms. We found the bedroom and we got in a taxi and went home. Well the taxi driver took us the wrong way, so I started to cry but my mom got us home safe and sound.
These are a few of my highlights of my Spring Break. Thanks and Bye!!!
My Prezi On My Spring Break
By: Kate
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