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Cast Iron


Timmy Rajiv

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Cast Iron

Cast Iron
What is Cast Iron
Very strong iron
Made in blast furnaces
Remelted pig iron
Brittle iron with high carbon content
Over time the technique stayed the same but the tools to make it advanced
Grey cast iron
Less tensile strength and shock resistance
White cast iron
More brittle but harder and less abradable
Where did Cast Iron originate?
Southwest Region of China
When was it invented?
4th Century B.C.E
Warring States Period
China divided in 7 major states
Qin, Qi, Yan, Chu, Han, Zhao, Wei
Effect Over Rest of the World?
Who was important to the impact of Cast Iron
Unknown Creator
Empress Wu Zhao had a pagoda constructed out of cast iron in 688
Largest cast iron structure of all time
Large gold plated phoenix on top
Europeans didn't discover cast iron until the 15nth century CE
Later was traded through the world
How does the Invention Effect Us Now?
Cast iron pots, pans, grills
Chain Drives
A tool to transfer mechanical energy
Woks used commonly in Chinese cuisine.
How did Cast Iron Impact China?
The common man
The first mechanical clock was made out of cast iron
Helped trade because no one else had access to it
First used as utensils, plows and weapons etc.
Spread because of cheap price, strong structure and multiple uses
Thanks for listening!
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