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Miss, why is this picture blurry?...

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Tahniya McKillop

on 20 April 2014

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Transcript of Miss, why is this picture blurry?...

Let's explore...
'Pixel' is short for Picture Element.

These small little dots make up images on our computers, phones and televisions.

Neil told us that a picture that is 6 x 4 has up to 1 million pixels! 6 x 4 is known as the pictures resolution.

Let's do an activity:
How many pixels are on our interactive whiteboard or our
laptop screens?

When a digital or animated image is transferred onto a computer it becomes a numerical representation of the image. This representation is called
Binary is based on powers of two.
How can the number 27 be written?
Let's play a game
5 chairs infront of board - the names of the binary place values on the board
If a student sits they represent 0, if they stand they represent 1
27 - St, St, Si, St, St
ASK: How can these students be arranged to represent a number? (34, 106)
Good question!
Today we will look at why sometimes, when we enlarge pictures, they aren't as clear as they were when smaller. Let's see what Neil has to say!...
Miss, why is this picture blurry?...
an introduction to binary

See how, when we enlarge the image the minions eye is becoming blurry?
This represents the number 27 in binary - using place value. In 27 there is, one 16, one 8, zero 4, one 2 and one 1.
27 = 11011
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