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Invention of the Light Bulb

No description

Danielle Laware

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Invention of the Light Bulb

The Light Bulb Inventor Over the Years Perfector Thomas Edisson , had invented an eletric light bulb in the year of 1879. Thomas had invented the electric lightbulb but, he was'nt the origanal inventor. Thomas perfeceted the carbon filament light bulb, even though he wasnt the original inventor like everyone thinks he was the first one to make it work. These light bulbs lasted a very long time. It lasted 13.5 hours! Thomas was and still is famous to this day because of his genetic works. The very original inventor of the light bulb was Sir Humphry Davy. He invented a platinum filament light bulb but it did not last long and the glow was vey dull. Over the years our light bulbs having been getting better and better. We've gone from the invention of Thomas's light bulb to our more brighter longer lasting ones there are out there today. With out Thomas and Sir Humphrey we wouldnt have the light we have today.
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