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St. John's Hospitality

No description

Kate McKey-Dunar

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of St. John's Hospitality

Our Focus
St. John's, Newtonville
Hospitality Initiative

Website and Social Media
Publicizing Who We Are
Overall Reactions
Hold Ups During the Process
Lack of passion for "new project"

Finding ways to engage people in a conversation and get them involved

Getting release forms for pictures to be used on the internet
Social Media
Publicizing Who We Are
Inviting to Newcomers
The Newton Patch
Door Hangings
TAB posting with other churches
Calling Card
Inviting to Newcomers
Have a greater presence online
There are more people coming who found us online than before
Teased out who we are as St. John's and are working to incorporate it in all that we do
Still looking at ways to make sure our building is newcomer friendly
Children Baking Bread for Newcomers
Sprucing Up the Narthex
Other Events
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