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No description

Collin McNew

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Marijuana

History of Marijuana 5000 Years of Hemp Farming First Crop Grown in U.S 80% of all Textiles, Fabrics, Clothes, etc. Virginia Law--MUST Grow Hemp George Washington, Thomas Jefferson,
Founding Fathers Prohibition of Marijuana When?--September 1937 Who?--3 Selfish Men Why? The Conspiracy William Randolph Hearst Andrew W. Mellon Henry J. Anslinger "Marijuana" + = Vast Forest Land Billions of Dollars Newspaper President Hoover Plastics Nylon Coal Oil DuPont Enterprises Narcotics Bureau of Narcotics Mellon Hearst Anslinger Hearst's Newspapers Anslinger in Government Marijuana Prohibition Let's Right the Wrong--Legalize ! Benefits of Legalization Medicine Energy Tax < Prisons The Future The Netherlands Migraines Pain Relief Treatment for AIDS Stress Reduction Cancer Treatment No Oil Dependence Hemp = Biomass Hemp Stalks Fuel for Cars 723,627 People Arrested
for Marijuana Violations More Focused
Police Effors Free Up Prison Space Tax Similar to Alcohol California's Economy California's Biggest Cash Crop
5.7 Billion Annually California's Hemp
14 Billion Annually Crime Rate is Down Drug Use is Down Marijuana Use is Down Act Now Sign Petitions Spread the Word Show Support "Reefer Madness"--circa 1930 The Truth About Marijuana Collin McNew Tell
Children... The Truth
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