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Job evaluation schemes help you to create order and structure

Job evaluation and grading - how to minimise the time, resources and training required. Covers: - Why do it? The benefits of job evaluation; - Using job evaluation software; and - Introduction to PAYgrade.

Paydata Limited

on 15 July 2014

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Transcript of Job evaluation schemes help you to create order and structure

Read the full case study:

Getting to grips with job evaluation
Job evaluation schemes help you to create order and structure in your pay arrangements.
They are also a great way of making sure your people are rewarded fairly for the work they do, relative to others in the business.

Our approach to job evaluation has helped customers to…
Create fairer
Increase employee
perceptions of
fair evaluation
Manage pay
Simplify pay
Provide a structure
for benefits provision
Meet legal
e.g. equal pay
Designed by a team with over 40 years’ job evaluation experience, the software is suitable for all types and sizes of organisation needing a reliable, easy-to-use job grading system.
Our PAYgrade job evaluation software makes job grading quick and simple, enabling you to grade all the jobs in your organisation
Store and organise all you job-related information (e.g. job descriptions) in one place for easy reference.
This helps you compare completely different jobs at the same level of seniority.
Organise jobs into career “families” that indicate the nature of work undertaken.

Evaluate jobs individually or in sessions, using a simple filtering process, that minimises the time required.
Each evaluation is stored and tracked for easy reference.
Review your overall evaluation scores for each job.

Saves Money
Frees up time
Why use PAYgrade?
PAYgrade can be used off-the-shelf or fully customised. You can tailor it as much or as little as you like to fit your business branding and culture; making it easy for your team to feel at home using the system really quickly.
The system aligns your internal roles correctly to the market; so you can make sure you offer the right package to attract, retain and motivate the right people.

Its quick and easy-to-use format means you will spend less time grading jobs, whilst giving you easy access to all the data you need by keeping everything together in one place.
Helps Explains
PAYgrade is software-based, giving you easy access to all the data you need, and enabling you to keep organised.
PAYgrade requires minimal training, so you can get started quickly and explain it easily. Access to a range of support services is available, including training videos and tutorials, and dedicated telephone and email support.
London & Quadrant (L&Q) identified a need to simplify and refocus their approach to job evaluation, grading and pay.
Paydata discussed options with L&Q on how the various people processes could work together for maximum impact.
Through the use of multi-purpose role profiles and PAYgrade, we were able to develop salary scales using our pay modelling database.
PAYgrade is now an integral part of L&Q’s people management processes.
A customer case study

“Paydata really added value to the work we have been driving forward at L&Q.”
Tom Nicholls,
Group Director
Human Resources

p: +44(0)1733 391 377
Paydata Limited
20 Commerce Road
Lynch Wood
If you need help with any aspect of reward management, pay or benefits strategy, please contact us to find out how Paydata can help.
Think PAYgrade could work for your business?
To request a short demonstration, please visit
Tim Kellett
What our customers think of us…
“Paydata are professional,
personable and guaranteed to deliver.”
We found Paydata to be very flexible in their support and delivery, acting as a real partner throughout the process".
“Paydata has
consistently delivered
a quality service, on
time and budget.”
Why evaluate?
PAYgrade is software-based, giving you easy access to all the data you need, and enabling you to keep organised
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