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Hemingway on Life


Andrew Moe Moe

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of Hemingway on Life

Ernest Hemingway:
Ernest Hemingway is a widely renowned author, known for his short terse prose, that can describe wonders, on the most meager amount of words. His descriptions are mainly observational, written without emotion, but transfer feeling through the character's action. A Study on Hemingway's Life and Writings Unfortunately, Hemingway had many problems with his life Drinking Depression Manic Depression Hemingway gruesomely commited suicide, details do not need to be discussed. This was one of the most important events in his life, as it inspired one of his most famous books, farewell to arms Hemingway began his career at newspaper in kansas city He then became an ambulance driver in WWI for the Italian side Hemingway is a master of putting action into the simplest tones He describes an object in its most concentrated form Using a very little space to describe Hemingway communicates Great Things The End Hemingway has written many books Among them are books like Old man and the Sea A farewell to arms And numerous short stories, like a Clean Well-Lit place For whom the bell tolls The sun also rises, nostril In depth on Hemingway's books A Farewell to Arms A farewell to arms is possibly hemingway's trumped only by the old man and the sea. It is a perennial wartime novel, written from hemingway's own experiences A farewell to arms lends a new light on the wartime story War is portrayed As glorious Hemingway does a wonderful job of pulling out the nitty gritty, the real war He describes life on the front He writes about the sins commited on the front He writes about the prostitutes the drinking the death the boredom the false hope the false camaraderie the emptiness Then he takes the novel in a different direction The main character finds a devoted love, in the form of a british nurse this love drives the main characters actions Then, tragedy She dies in childbirth the emptiness returns For Whom the Bell Tolls Widely acclaimed as Hemingway's best book, and the best wartime story ever written, For whom the bell tolls is based after WWI during the spanish revolution. The main character is a young robert jordan, an american fighting for the cause He is helping the rebels(communist) fight the fascists This creates conflicting values for Robert Jordan, as Americans do not necessarily like communism, and he is American Robert jordan is a bridge blower, and considers himself quite good at the deed He is given a task that orders him to blow a bridge, in the day, at a specific time He has the challenge of linking together separate guerilla groups and optimizing the groups performance Robert Jordan finds a love interest, in a emotionally scarred spanish girl named maria This encounter is a very large part of the story. Maria becomes a reason for robert jordan to think about the war. She forces him to think of the after, and the now. This encounter causes robert jordan to question his reasons for fighting the war. Old man and the Sea The old man and the sea is possibly the most widely acclaimed book by Ernest Hemingway. This book has sold millions of copies worldwide The Old Man and the Sea is the perfect example of ernest hemingway's literary style. Hemingway can transfer much thought and feeling through simple actions, and direct words. The main character, Santiago is a perfect creation for the use of this style, an old man, who is down on his luck, yet is still undefeated. The main character in this book, Santiago, is an old weather-beaten man who loves the sea, and everything about it.
Unfortunately, the old fisherman has fallen down on his luck. He lost his wife, his house is a shamble, and he never catches anything on his fishing trips. He has been relying on a boy, and the charity of others for help. He is the worst kind of unlucky, and the boy is told to stay away from him. Then, a change of pace. On the inside Santiago is undefeated "Everything about him was old except his eyes and they were the same color as the sea and were cheerful and undefeated"(Hemingway).
This book also tells of Hemingway's undying love for nature, and is one of his only books that almost excludes alcohol altogether Hemingway loves nature. This is his house in the Florida Keys, his largest estate, even though he spent most of the time out on the water There is a book collection, Named Hemingway on fishing He has gone on many safaris to african jungles and deserts, has explored the world, and has written many books. Hemingway commited suicide on July 2, 1961, in idaho. The constant struggle for Robert Jordan is the crossing of unbridgeable boundaries, between the spanish people, a balance between his love for maria, and his military. Robert jordan remains eternally entranced by the ideal of connections, and stays firm and true to maria, until he so nobly commits suicide. Robert Jordan believes that, through his love of maria, he can love the utopian ideals of her Spanish republic. Hemingway was an eccentric man When in a good point, Hemingway was a drunk figure of the rooseveltian lifestyle, fun, full of vigor, full of people But Hemingway had a dark side When he was having a bad point in his life, like in the years between the books a farewell to arms and the old man and the sea, hemingway took on morose euphemisms such as "Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know." "I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake, you know? " Quote From Hemingway If a writer knows enough about what he is writing about, he may omit things that he knows. The dignity of movement of an iceberg is due to only one ninth of it being above water. Fortunately, Hemingway kept himself active and healthy for most of his life "Man is not made for defeat" Hemingway shot himself in his home in idaho, after increasing paranoi for months, and th stresses of writing articles. While definitely suicide, it was found that three other members of the Hemingway family, his father, brother and sister had commited suicide. Doctors think there might have been a chemical imbalance that ran in the family, and ruined a great mind like Ernest Hemingway..
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