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Century Council 5 Year Lookback

Century Council came to Fathom to help make their internal communications clear and compelling. The resulting Prezi was so well received that it is now publicly viewable and is the cornerstone of their communications toolbox.

Fathom Creative

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Century Council 5 Year Lookback

OUR MISSION How we've worked... Staying vigilant... Success Stories... Our financial house
is in order. Our skills grew,
while our staff
numbers did not. We've expanded
our reach. 38% decrease
in fatalities
since 1991. 49% decrease
among 12-13 year olds since 1991. Advocates Elected Officials Conference
Cold Shoulder Who wants to stop drunk
driving and underage
drinking? Ask Listen Learn evolved
into the largest alcohol-education program of its kind 62% more kids reported talking with their parents about underage drinking. Expanding reach by building partnerships AG PSAs Elected
Officials The Century Council has given 112 Congressional Awards
over the past 5 years. Capitol Hill Continued to build
relationships as elected officials "climbed the ladder" Athlete activation helped us reach over 47m people and over 5,000 local and community partners Delivered our content directly to over 50,000 Teachers and 1.5M students in their classrooms. Heidi Heitkamp
Steve Bullock
Kelly Ayotte
Richard Blumenthal
Mary Fallin
Tom Corbett Robert Menendez
Mike McGrath
Mike DeWine
Richard Cordray
Robert McDonnell
Thurbert Baker 6.5 Million Reached WE DO.
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