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Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies

Book Project due: March 7th, 2014

JaBria Williams

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies

Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies
By: Erin Dionne
Main Characters
Minor Characters
Sandra- Use to be Celeste bestfriend
Celeste- gets picked on about her weight
Katy- Celeste new friend
Millie-Celeste new friend
Lively- Popular girl, bully's Celeste
Kathleen- Celeste cousin
Kristen- Celeste favorite cousin
Geoff- Sandra's brother
Gail- a girl she met a the fashion show and later she becomes Cheleste Friend
Ashley-a girl she met a the fashion show that is now her friend
Christian- the guy that does her makeup
Aunt Doreen- Celeste aunt, she enters her in the show
Coach Anapoli- Celeste gym coach, she throws up on her shoes
Ben- Celeste's brother
Los Alivos, California
HuskyPeach Fashion Show
Kathleen wedding
Lively and her friends is bullying Celeste because of her weight
Sandra becomes popular, so therfore she doesn't hang out with Celeste anymore
Celeste Aunt enters her into the HuskyPeach Fashion show without her knowing
Bad things happen to her at the show
Sandra and Celeste are friends
Celeste finds out that her cousin ( Kathleen) is getting married
She goes dress shopping and she has to find a dress that fits her
Katy and Millie are her friends but they don't talk to her that much
Her mom sees the flyer for the contest but Celeste isn't interested at all
Sandra is popular. She hangs out with Lively
Katy and Millie talk to Celeste now that Sandra isn't her friend anymore
Celeste tries to loose weight with Katy and Millie help
She goes to the Show and does the first stage
Celeste wants to loose at least 25 pounds but she only manges to loose 9!
Sandra finds out that Lively only wanted to be her friend because she likes Geoff( Sandras brother
Celeste didnt win the contest but she was the 2nd runner up
Sandra wants to be Celeste friends but she stands up for herself
She goes to her cousins wedding
She gave her coach a gift card, because Celeste was on a diet so she threw up on her Coach shoes
The End.
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