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Nov 2014 late start deliberate practice

No description

Mark Gardner

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Nov 2014 late start deliberate practice

Targets for this session:
I can evaluate how my assessment and feedback cycle supports deliberate practice.
I can evaluate my student growth goal and its associated assessments for cognitive complexity.
1. Small Group Reading Protocol
3. Analysis and Upload of Student Growth Goals
2. Reflection
Strategies to Steal:
Reflection on Practice
Forced Groupings
Close-Reading with Purpose
Discussion Protocols
Use of Tech for Info Management

Type in OR Cut&Paste your goal
The 805-900am segment is focused on teaching practices.
Teachers, please sit with your number group (if possible).
Admin, classified, counselors, and other staff please fill in where there is room.
CHS LATE START 11/19/2014
Coffee and essentials
Whole Staff Meeting
Assessment and Growth
AP Teachers' Mtg. (210)
or collaboration/safety-test time
First Period Starts
Please be aware of time...
Your small group discussion AND your personal reflection should wrap up by around 8:59 or 9:00am.

(We will then have 5 minutes to wrap up and AP will start their meeting a touch late)
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