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Greek & Roman Influence on Modern Day Society

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Mariah Meisenheimer

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Greek & Roman Influence on Modern Day Society

By:Mariah Meisenheimer Greek and Roman Influence 1st Greek Influence For us that is a medicine that hospitals use to calm patients
down. But for the Greeks that was the name of the
God of Sleep:Morpheus.
We still have that in our world today because without
it people would be experiencing a whole lot of pain during surgeries. Morphine If it weren't for the Romans many of
the things that are around today wouldn't exist. Like roads and aqueducts, and a bunch of other
things. 1st Roman Influence 2nd Greek Influence In ancient times there were two means of travel: one foot or horseback through the country, and ships. If the Romans hadn't made roads we would have to walk everywhere we need to go.
I guess you could drive through the country side if you wanted to......
but that would be ill advised unless you want to have a unusable car sitting in your garage until you could dispose of it. Roads The movie's popular Elephant Graveyard represents the mythical Realm of Hades. And the three hyenas, Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, represent the three-headed beast, Cerebus, that guards Hades' Realm.
Why we still have it today is because it references the theme of the family blood curse is also prevalent in the story of the house Atreides (Agamemnon and Menelaus). The Lion King The main influence of the Roman Empire is religion.
The Romans used to worship ancient Greek gods and goddess' with Roman names. 2nd Roman Influence The first way that Greek has influenced modern day society is some of our medicine is named after their Gods. The Roman emperor Constantine I adopted Christianity and expand rights to worship Christianity, it became one of the most wide spread religion in the world.
This spreading of Christianity later proved to be a great influence that can change the world's history. Now and days Christianity is the most wide-spread religion in the world. Most US citizens now and days are Christian, as well as in most European countries. Religion Another way thatv Greek has influenced
Society are the disney films that have hidden meanings. Take The Lion King.
It symbolizes more than a lion trying to find his way home.
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