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Help to Protect Children

No description

doreen clark

on 23 February 2018

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Transcript of Help to Protect Children

Review the UNCRC booklet
How many children's rights relate to protection against harm and abuse?

Write these down.
How does your setting support children to protect themselves?
Annotate on the board
Consider and plan an activity that will support children to protect themselves-

Discuss each one listed below-
What is involved for each point?
A safe environment.
An enabling environment
Policies and procedures in place
Following the EYFS - section 1,2,3
Planning activities to promote self awareness/body awareness, confidence, rights of children, British Values, stranger danger
Positive relationships
To know how to support children to protect themselves from danger and abuse.

Research the above- what information and advise to they provide to help children stay safe and to protect themselves?
Help to Protect Children
Doreen Clark
It is a right for children to be fairly treated, loved, nurtured and protected from harm and danger and helped to develop to their full potential
Feedback to your peer groups
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