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Interior Design

No description

Cara Crowley

on 14 February 2017

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Transcript of Interior Design

Interior Design
Helpful High School Courses/Subjects
Art classes, marketing classes, Speech classes, and business classes are all helpful to take in high school.
Average Wage/Salary&Employment Outlook
The projected job growth is 4% with the years 2014-2024 with an average salary of $55,510 in 2015.
Places and/or Work Environments &
Opportunities for Advancement
Places and work environments can be in customer service and management positions. You can climb up the ladder or even open your shop or office.
Education/Training Requirements
Licensure or certification is required in some states; two years of professional experience may be necessary for licensure.
Bachelor's degree are obtained.
Local Companies
In Ohio D'Aversa Interiors, LLC & Bungalow Home LLC are both interior design companies helping better the look of Columbus Ohio.
Similar or Related Occupations
Commercial & Industrial Designers
Fashion Designers
Sales Consultant
Fashion Directors
Fashion Directors

Main Duties and/or Responsibilities
By Cara Crowley
Work with clients to design or renovate spaces to meet their standards.
Enhance the function, safety, and aesthetics of interior spaces
Select samples, including flooring, carpet, and paint to be approved by client.
Choose color palettes.
Plan architectural detail such as crown molding and built-in bookshelves.
Read and interpret blueprints.
Travel to galleries to purchase artwork for spaces.
Work with vendors on the selection of pieces.
Negotiate prices.
Plan and estimate budgets for projects.
Submit drawings for approval by a construction inspector to ensure that the design meets building codes.
Draw up floor plans and sketches.
Use computer-aided design (CAD) to create drawings.
Supervise decorating of room.
Hang drapes and artwork.
Contract out services to other vendors, including painting and carpeting.
Supervise assistants who carry out their plans and perform administrative tasks
Arrange furniture.
Coordinate work schedules.
Follow up with client to ensure design specifications have been met.
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