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Folk Tales

No description

Mellissa Carr

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Folk Tales

An ant was saved from a whirlpool by a stick thrown in by a dove. Later, the ant saved the dove by biting a hunter's foot who was trying to kill the dove.
Geography- River/ Whirlpool
- Forest

Language- No Dialogue

Animals- Ant
- Dove

People- Hunter with a Bow

Weather- Nonspecific

Moral/ Theme-
"You never know when a kindness will be repaid"
The Ant and the Dove (Russian)
Senor Coyote and the Tricked Trickster
Geography- sand
- giant cactus
- rocks
- desert

Language - Senor
- mamacita
- peon
- caballeros
- Mi viejo amigo

Animals- coyote
- snake
- mouse
- burro

People- None

Weather- None Specific
He Lion, Bruh Bear, and Bruh Rabbit
(African American)
Geography- Mountains (cave)
- Forest

Language- "Bruh"
- scarin', mornin', roarin', hearin' somethin'

Animals- Lion
- Bear
- Rabbit
- Squirrel
- Possum

People- "Will be" boy
- "Was Once" old man
- Man with a gun

Weather- Nonspecific

Moral/ Theme- There will always be someone bigger and badder
- Don't be a bully!

Oral Tradition (passed down from generation to generation)
Reveals Culture of the Land (geography/ animals/language/ people/ weather)
Folk Tales
He Lion was a bully by being loud roaring "me and myself" and scaring all of the small animals. The Bear and Rabbit showed Lion the man; Lion was shot twice. From then on, Lion no longer disturbed the other animals.

Mouse saves Coyote; Coyote must be Mouse's slave. Then Mouse becomes trapped by Snake. Coyote tricks Snake to release Mouse. Mouse and Coyote are even.
Why Monkeys Live in Trees
Geography- jungle
- trees
- mound of pepper

Language - aaaaaaachhhhhoooooo

Animals- monkeys
- Leopard
- Crow
- Hippo
- Gorilla
- Lion

People- None

Weather- Nonspecific
King Gorilla gives the jungle animals a contest; they must eat a whole mound of black pepper in one day. After many animals try and fail, the monkey pretends to eat a mouthful and disappears into the grass. He comes back each time til the entire mound is gone. Leopard catches monkey tricking the jungle animals by trading places with other monkeys in the grass. The monkeys run to the trees to hide from the angry animals.
The Three Wishes
(Puerto Rican)
Geography- woods

Language - Nonspecific

Animals- Nonspecific

People- Woodsman
- Woodsman's Wife
- Old man/ Stranger

Weather- Nonspecific
A Crippled Boy
(Vietnamese Folk Tale)
Geography- Banyan tree (tropical fig tree), pebbles, palace

Language -mandarin (officials, counselors), "long, long ago", "oops", "one day"

Animals- Nonspecific

People- King
-Theo (crippled boy)
- high ranking officials/ counselors
Weather- Nonspecific
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