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No description

Reynold Libato

on 7 August 2016

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Collaborative (adj.)
District of Jalajala
Tuesday, August 18, 2015
By: Reynold M. Libato
What is collaborative Publishing?
Collaborative Publishing: The Basic
What outputs are expected?
The competition in collaborative publishing is designed to encourage teamwork among campus journalists and simulate the workplace of an editorial department of a publishing house.

In collaborative publishing, a team of seven will be tasked to produce a four-page newsletter using MS Publisher (for Elementary) and Adobe InDesign (for Secondary).

Form a group of seven pupil journalists. Since the objective is to create a four page paper, designate the following positions:

News writer (1)
Editorial writer (1)
Feature Writer (1)
Sports Writer (1)
Photojournalist (1)
Cartoonist (1)
Layout Artist (1)
Each group will be required to convert the output into PDF format and submit it to the contest committee. Contestants should ensure that there are no identifying marks about their school, district, division or region.
Collaborative Desktop Publishing
Important Things to Remember:
Important Things to Remember:
Important Things to Remember:
Sample Page Layout:
Other Pages...
You are a team.Work as a team.
Always Remember:
Collaborative Publishing Team:
Make pencil marks heavier as they may look lighter when scanned or transformed into an image. Use tech pens (0.3-0.5) and black fine marker.
Use a light, white eraser for pencil marks. You may also use kneadable erasers for darker lines.
Keep your drawing free from unnecessary marks.
To work together, especially in a joint work effort.
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"Mario Testino | One of the Worlds Most Influential Photographers." Mario Testino. N.p., Feb. 2014. Web. Oct. 2014. <http://www.mariotestino.com/>.

For Photojournalists

There will one team for English and another for Filipino, both at the elementary and secondary levels. All contestants are required to attend an orientation before the actual competition

How the contest proper works?
The team will be given 2 hours for data gathering and writing and 2 hours for lay outing and editing. A mini press conference will be held to become the basis for the actual writing of editorial, feature and news articles. A video or an actual game will be shown of the sports writers. This will be their basis in writing their articles. Pictures of the mini press conference shall be taken by the photojournalists in a designated area.
Bigger images are better.
If possible, take 2-3 shots of each subject, in both portrait and landscape form.
Remember the basics in photography: Rule of thirds, Lighting, Composition and such.
Before taking photos, consider the articles written so you can write a good caption for each photos that matches the story in the pages.
For Editorial Cartoonists:
For Layout Artists
Experiment. Unleash your creative side.
Stick to one to two color schemes/theme.
Don’t forget the elements of balance.
Keyboard shortcuts are your best friends. They'll save your time.
Win as a team
Important Things to Remember:
For News Writers
For news writers, numbers and figures are important, especially if its about money.
For Feature Writers:
For feature writers, go beyond the issue by defining a good angle through asking questions.
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