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Forms of Advertising

No description

Shanan Edelheit

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Forms of Advertising

Forms of Advertising
How Many Different Ways Can Things Be Sold...
How many different forms of advertising can you think of?
Print Ads
News Paper
Bill Boards
Broadcast Ads
Guerrilla Advertising
1) undercover marketing - subtle product placement
2) experiential marketing - interaction with a product
3) tissue pack marketing - hand to hand
4) buzz marketing - word of mouth
the most modern forms of advertising are digital and those come in 3 formats - Online, Mobile, and Viral
Television Ads
Product Placement in Film
Radio Ads
Online Advertising
1) Banner Ads
2) Adsense - paid google placement
3) Email Spam
4) YouTube Ads
5) Pop Up Ads
6) Pre Video Ads
Mobile Advertising
Cell phones travel with you...and with most phones having GPS( global positioning system) technology, meaning your phone can be served with geographically relevant ads. All of a sudden, you're getting lunch deals and coupons from a restaurant that's 30 seconds away. You could even be sent those ads 15 minutes before lunch. Now that is not just targeted advertising, it's coming from a sharp-shooter.
Where Could This Effect Me?

In the aisles of the grocery store
Outside of a movie theater
At the food court of a mall
In a book or music store
At a clothing store
A toy store (especially around the holidays)

QR Codes allow your mobile device to scan a matrix like code that supports web redirection. That simple scan will redirect you to a website, ad, or coupon for that specific product while you shop.
Red Laser (and other Apps)
Viral Marketing through Social Media
Twitter Ads
# hashtags #
Every Product being sold (physical products or services now has a # to promote it
Hashtag ads often promote a product in a less obvious way
Hashtag ads find YOU based on your tweets and likes
Hashtag Ads can insert themselves into YOUR life and conversations
Facebook Ads
Created based on algorithms that know what and who you like
Instagram Ads
Ads only from products you follow OR people who promote those products
YouTube Ads
The Power of the Jingle
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