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Orasa Suwan

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Ireland

Travelling Ireland Travel Festival in Ireland Leprechaun is the midget male prosperity. People believe that they live at Ireland. Leprechaun has many formats. Normally, they are midget and good dress, and some get old. Someone said, Leprechaun’s duty is repair shoes as in the story. Leprechaun is a richer and has many properties. If who stare one of them, that Leprechaun can’t escape from you. But, if you stop looking at them, they can disappear from you. So, many tourists want to go Ireland for see real Leprechaun. Accommodation Places for Travel Mostly of aviation from Thailand to Ireland cross Europe and city. It has 8 airlines from Thailand to Ireland such as Ethan Airways , KLM , Airfance , Swiss International Airlines , British Airways , Lufthansa Airline , Thai airways , Aer Lingus. You can contact for get more information. Ireland and North Ireland have many residences until 5 stars hotel to B&B resort. You can stay overnight in a castle. 1.Hotel: Many hotels in Ireland such as modern style and classic style.
http://www/celtic-accommodation.ie/ 2.Guest House: A house in country and modern mansion in town.
http://www.irishcountryhotels.com/ 3.B&B or Bed and Breakfast: You will receive a breakfast and can get a good information from a host and you will get a fresh air.
-Festival about Fishing of Ireland
-Date : April 28 until May 4
-Place : Lock Ernst, County Fermana
www.fermanagh.gov.uk -Festival that have many food and drink for people love to taste
-Date : June 12-15
-Place : Iveagh Gardens, Dublin2
www.tasteofdublin08.ie -Festival about horse-racing in the Summer that famous around the world
-Date : July 28 until August 3
-Place : Galway Race course, Ballybrit, County Galway

www.galwayraces.com Original Top 3 source of water , For people who love fishing sport. 1.River
- Shannon river , Erne river , and Bann river that have abundant of fish in Ireland. 2. Lake
- Lough Ree Lake , Lough Lough Derg Lake , Lough Ramor Lake , and Inniscare Lake. 3. Fishing Festival
- For people who love fishing that have many festival for fishing . Ex. Portumma , Ballinasloe , Edenderry , Prosperous , Carrick-on , Shannon and Cavan . Top 3 of park that have more beauty in Ireland 1. Bel fast - have a lot of tree that have famoust in Europe.
Ex . Plam House and Tropical Ravince. 2. Butterstream Park - In county meet have a herbs around bush in the outside , have shape as classic architecture. 3. Florence Cout National Park - It's Cuilcagh Mountains for background and teach the way to decorate the garden. Top 10 Tourist Attractions. In Ireland that is an area has have many thing is excited in the world . 1. Giant,s Causeway
2. Cliffs of Moher
3. Ring of kerry
4. Blarney Castle
5. The Mourne Mountains
6. Walled City Of carried
7. Glenda Lough
8. The Barren
9. The Skellings
10. Carrick - A - Rede Rope Bridge -Festival about apple blossom flowers in Orchard County and outdoor concert
-Date : May
-Place : County Arma
www.armagh.gov.uk -A big festival in Ireland, which has top Arts work from international to Belfast. Such as : Dance, Classic song and Literature
-Date : October 17 until November 2
-Place : All over Belfast
www.belfastfestival.com In the village, one farmer man can catch Leprechaun and he force Leprechaun to tell where he hide his properties. Leprechaun told that he hides it at field under Rackwalt royal. A farmer tries to find Rackwalt royal before him wire red ribbon at that royal for symbol he can remember. He makes a promise with himself that he will not take ribbon out. After that he let Leprechaun go and he run back to take hoe for gig properties from under royal. In time he observe that every royal have same red ribbon, it makes he can’t find the first royal that he wore red ribbon before. Finally he lose properties. Background of conflict Ireland is located in the north of Irish Island and it is the east of UK. In 1921 UK and Ireland were registered in “Government of Ireland Act” treaty to permitted 26 territories from 32 territories was separated and make a new country, it is Ireland, but 6 territories left are still part of UK. In separate country, it is a cause of violent between Unionist (Protestant) and Nationalist (Catholic), which 60% is Protestant, want to be a part of UK, but 40% is Catholic, want to be free from UK and want to join with Ireland. The violent in Northern Ireland know as “The Trouble”. The root causes are the Nationalist’s feeling, they get tyrannize and unfair from the Unionist in everything The root causes are the Nationalist’s feeling, they get tyrannize and unfair from the Unionist in everything Go to Ireland Travel in Ireland -Aviation System
-Rent a car : Traveler should have a driver’s license from foreign country. Food and drink Don’t forget to look for a symbol “FeileBia”. It mean that restaurant use the best ingredient and good taste. Beverage in Ireland such as Murphy’s Irish, Beamish, Kilkenny and the most famous is Guinness and Whisky. Activity -Shopping: Ireland is the best modern store in Europe. Most popular in Ireland is glassware, wool, linen, lace and a salmon.
-Spa: Ireland is a center of international spy. You can join in losting weight and detox your body.
-Walking & Riding bicycle: You can find the national cycle club network to consist of 4 ways such as Belfast, Ballyshannon, Ballycastle, Kingfisher Trail and Long shore Trail. There are beautiful of nature.
-Horse : Don’t miss travel with a horse or look a horse-racing
-Fishing Waterways Ireland Classic
Fishing Festival Apple Blossom Festival Test of Dublin Festival Galway Racing Summer Festival Belfast Festival at Queen’s Leprechaun Legend of Leprechaun
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