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Parts of a plant

Camila Lefno

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Plants

They contain the reproductive organs of the plant.
The stem
The stem connects the roots with the leaves.

Water and minerals go from the roots through the stem , to the leaves.

Food goes from the leaves , through the stem, to other parts of the plants.
The leaves
They make food for the plant by using sunlight, carbon dioxide and water. This process is called Photosynthesis.

They also breath, releasing oxygen into the air.

Leaves can be different shapes.
How do seeds and fruit form from a flower?
The roots
Learning objectives:
What are the characteristics of plants?
Plants are living things!!!
They need

They make their
own food

They form
to reproduce.

cannot move by themselves
, but they
to the environment.
The main parts of plants are:
Lets see!!!
The stem can be woody or green.

Woody stems are hard and rigid, for example, the stem of an oak tree.

Green stems are soft and flexible, for example, the stem of wheat.
They anchor the plant to the ground.

They absorb water and minerals from the soil.

Roots can be thick or hairy.
Recognize that there is a variety of plants around us.

Recognize that plants can be found in various places.

Know that parts of plants may look different in different plants.

State the functions of common parts of plants.

Know that plants make their own food.

Describe how plants can be useful or harmful to people and animals.

Know how to take care of plants.
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