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English Language Presentation Abbreviation

No description

Nicholas McKenzie

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of English Language Presentation Abbreviation

4 main groups ABBREVIATIONS!! HISTORY Initialisms -Initialisms are abbreviations that consist of the initial letters of a series of words, pronounced in sequence

-The name seems unfamiliar, but they are very common!

-BBC is an initialism from [B]ritish [B]roadcasting [C]ompany

- ATM is an initialism for [A]utomated [T]eller [M]achine Acronyms -Acronyms are formed by the initial letter or letters of a particular set of words and are pronounced like a word

-Acronyms are awesome, here are some examples...

-Scuba for [s]elf-[c]ontained [u]nderwater [b]reathing [a]pparatus
-UNICEF for [U]nited [N]ations [I]nternational [C]hildren’s [E]mergency [F]und

That's easy! Abbreviations (abbrev.) -Abbreviations are fun and easy because all they do is help you write and read faster!

-Abbreviations are a shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase, used to represent the whole

-There are 4 types of abbreviations you should know about -First you need to learn some history..

-Abbreviations have been used since the ancient Egyptians, but... Alphabetic abbreviations were not used until 1000 B.C by the Greeks and Romans. Who remembers what SPQR means? (A Roman abbreviation)

-Abbreviations became very common in the Middle Ages, a time of little innovation! Why do you think monks and scribes developed abbreviations then? STOP. You must be thinking, "What is the difference between an initialism and an acronym!?" The difference is the pronunciation.
-in and INITIALISM, you pronounce every letter (like BBC)

-in an ACRONYM, it is said like a regular word like Scuba

They are formed the same way, but said differently. Clippings Clippings are an abbreviation where elements of a word are removed or "clipped".
Clippings often replace the original word.
There are three types of clippings:
1. Back-clippings
2. Fore-clippings
3. Middle Clippings
Let's learn more and see examples. Fore-clippings In fore-clippings, elements are removed form the FRONT of a word.

burger from [ham]burger Back-clippings In back-clippings, the BACK elements of a word are removed

Chimp from chimp[anzee]
ad from ad[vertisement] Middle Clippings In middle clippings, elements are removed from the FRONT AND BACK. It is a combination of a fore- and back-clipping.

flu from [in]flu[enza] Miscellaneous Abbreviations There are other abbreviations that are not initialisms, acronyms, or clippings. These abbreviations are shorter versions of a word, but are pronounced identically like the whole word.

common examples:
Mr. for mister
Dr. for Doctor
etc. for etcetera QUICK QUIZ Identify what kind of abbreviation each of these abbreviations are: 1. U.S.
2. bus
3. lab
4. pg.
5. math
6. laser That's the end!
by Nicholas McKenzie P4
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