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Wings By Aprilynne Pike

No description

Kimberly Mancilla

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Wings By Aprilynne Pike

Wings By Aprilynne Pike
I think the theme is all about friendship, I think of this is because David keeps Laurels secret and helps her throughout the whole story.
The conflict is man vs. man because Laurel doesn't want to sell her property after she told no to Tamaini.
The book Wings took place in the present. it is located in an American City, called Crescent City.
Laurel - main character
David Lawson - first friend of Laurel from when she moved to Cresent City
Chelsea - is a friend of David
Tamaini - Laurels best friend
Jeremiah realtor trying to buy Laurel's old house. he has a secret too he is a troll, which are the fairies enemies.
I believe the climax was when Laurel goes back to her property in Orick to talk to Tamaini for the second time. Since her last visit she has done some research and believes she is prepared to face the truth. Laurel learns allot more about her past than she thought she would, like when she was literally set on.
After being home schooled Laurel is forced to go to public school for her 10th year when her adoptive parents move to LA., leaving behind the land that has been in her mothers family since the Gold Rush days.Laurel is a very strict vegan. The sunlight shines through her skin, she never gets cold, she craves the outdoors.
In the middle of the book is when laurel goes back to her parents land, she meets Tamini a "faerie" to whom she is attracted to. He tells Laurel that she is not a human since she has been growing a bump on her back, the size of a football and blooming into a flower that has a foot-long petals. Tamaini tells her that she is not a human but a plant or more specifically a FAERIE!
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