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No description

roxanna cartagena

on 8 October 2015

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Transcript of Invetion

Renaissance/Reformation/Enlightment (1,400 - 1,750 AD)
A Rifles
Invetion Telescope
* The telescope was invention was made to
the saliors and helped sciencist learn more about the stars and planets. They couldnt really
tell things about the stars and planets and the sailors would know where the land was.

*The sailors where able to deliver more good and sciencist can tell people that are instead in planets and stars more about them.
Innovation Rifle
*The rifle help us fight wars and we had the upper hand.Before the rifle they would use swords.
*It was a big thing in the econmic
because the other country want to
travel for the rifle.
Invetion gunpowder
*Gun powder was use to fix
things, for guns and fireworks.
*They didnt have anything that replaced gunpowder besides swords and axes.
* It impacted the way they fought in the war.
By- Roxanna Cartagena/Marvin sylver
Wright,R.(2008).A Dynamic, Human-Created system.In Technology(pp26-27).
Tinley park , IL Goodheart-Willcox.
* Taylor,P.(2013,September 100.renaissance
(1,400 A.D - 1,750 A.D).
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