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TQRP Presentation

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Thuy Luu

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of TQRP Presentation

*What is a reach ?
*What is a double dribble?
*How many points is each foul shot?

Coach Lindy Brown
Coach Thuy Luu
Coach Ashwyn Massey
Coach Katherine Mathieu
Coach Janae Williams
Learning Style Inventory
How it's taught
How it's done
How it's demonstrated
Process is the way the students will use their learning styles to their readiness to learn the content the best way they can.

Through process students will explore their interest to invest in their learning and understanding.
In terms of Basketball Coaching
running the plays
doing drills
creating plays
acting out game scenarios
oral questions & answers
open discussion
bulletin board
drawing animations to go with actions ( dribbling, passing, shooting)
The TQRP Tigers
Learning activities that coincide with student interest.
What does it mean to
differentiate by interests?
*Students coming into the classroom have different levels of readiness.
*The teachers job is to assess where the students different levels of knowledge are coming into their classroom.
*With that information construct lessons that
are tailored to the students different levels
readiness for the class.

Down the Court,
Before the arch
its three points
What is readiness & development?
Content Differentiation involves varying what we teach and how students gain access to that content.

Test students knowledge through a variety of strategies
make a quiz
draw a picture
play a game
create a demonstration
Act It Out
Relative Dating
Differentiated Content by Interest
Independent Study
Interest Centers
Open-Ended Activities

Content Differentiation by Readiness/Development
Book Choices
Learning Contracts
Content Differentiation by Learning Style
Entry Points
Problem-Based Learning
Arranging geological events and rocks into sequence
Choral Reading:
Rebound n.
The act of successfully gaining possession of the basketball after a missed field goal or free throw.

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