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Cæcilie Vedel Nielsen

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of India

Basic facts
7th largest country by area
2nd most populus country
The most populus democracy in the world
The national anthem is called; Jana Gana Mana
Their national song is Vande Mataram
Taj Mahal
Ajanta Caves
Kerala Backwater
Kerala Backwater, is a system of both manmade and naturalmade rivers
One of the biggest tourist attractions in India
There is more than 2000 houseboats floating around in the rivers
The houseboats is used for cruising the river and as hotels
India is the birthplace of; Hinduism, Buddism, Janism and Sikhism
One of the most religously diverse nation in the world
Religion plays a central and definitive part in peoples lifes
Gift from Shah Jahan to his wife, who died while giving birth to their 14th child
Was built from 1632 to 1653
Around 20,000 people worked on building the Taj Mahal
Also 1000 elephants was used as transport
The Taj Mahal is built out of white marbles and different colored crystals
Shah Jahan died in 1666
The caves is close to the part state Maharahsta
It is a long horseshoe shape of caves
It is near the river Waghur
The caves is decorates with old art on the walls, and sculptures
The complex has around 29 cave temples and monestaries
The capital is New Dehli
The largest city is Mumbai
The two official languages is English and Hindi
Religion statistic:
79.8% Hinduism
14.2% Islam
2.3% Christianity
1.72% Sikhism
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